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Pokemon Go Jirachi quest steps: A Thousand Year Slumber tasks guide

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Everyone who plays Pokemon Go has one end-goal in sight; to fill their Pokedex as much as they can. The Pokemon Go Fest 2019 is just about to draw to a close from the Japanese event which was initially the only way of catching the mythical pocket monster, unlucky for some who couldn’t make the trip to Japan on the fly. Lucky for us non-attendees though, we can now obtain the Wish pokemon by completing a number of Pokemon Go Jirachi quest steps.

Pokemon Go Jirachi quest steps

The Pokemon Go Jirachi quest steps consist of completing a Special Research task known as A Thousand Year Slumber, but how you can complete this has been a mystery, until now.

Read on for everything we know so far in relation to the Pokemon Go Jirachi quest steps, with special thanks to a tweet from Chrales who unearthed the details surrounding the Jirachi Special Research tasks.

As you can see from the tweet images below, the entire speech provided by the professor has been detailed for this task. Although the Pokemon Go Jirachi quest steps aren’t detailed directly, we can be almost certain that obtaining snaps of Loudred, Whismur and potentially Exploud. Jirachi is a Pokemon within the psychic and steel-type category so this will also involve catching one of these Pokemon types. “exploring the area” is also detailed in the dialogue which is likely to mean visiting and spinning some Pokemon Stops you are yet to visit, in addition to gathering Hoenn region data surrounding various third-gen Pokemon. Battling will also be a key part of completing and obtaining Jirachi, meaning you’ll either face one of the three leaders of the teams or against another player.

We’ve already mentioned that the Research task in question will be named A Thousand Year Slumber, and the rationale for that is because Jirachi only wakes up from a deep sleep once every thousand years in the Pokemon world. When Jirachi does wake it’ll only be out of its sleep state for a total of seven days. “sing to it in a voice of purity”. and Jirachi will also be awoken.

Once the full specifics on the Pokemon Go Jirachi quest steps are confirmed, and what the ‘A Thousand Year Slumber consists of, we’ll ensure this guide gets an update straight away. Until that happens, stay alert at all times as the only alternative is to make your way to Pokemon Go Fest to obtain Jirachi!

There’s also a new Pokemon game in the works by Tencent, so make sure to check that out too.

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