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Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions Guide, All Locations & Mission Objectives

devile may cry 5 secret missions

If you’ve already started playing the game you’ll likely be familiar that Devil may Cry 5 has a total of 20 missions. Amongst the game’s 20 main missions you’ll find twelve Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions – but only if you know where to find them.

Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions will be defined by a massive pentagram which will require you to stand in a specific position. Once in the correct position the area will begin glowing for you to align the shape once you’ve centred the camera.

The objective of the mission will appear once the shape is aligned, and a mission can be anything from taking down an enemy with a single bullet to killing a wave of enemies without incurring any damage.

It’s worth noting that the secret missions aren’t time-sensitive, and you can access them at any point from the main menu.

Every time you complete a mission you’ll obtain a blue orb, equating to a total of three orbs will see your health bar increase to assist you.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions #1 (Mission 2)

You will find the first of the Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions in mission 2, fairly easy as you’ll end up on a deteriorating house – so you’ll bump into this one organically by playing the story.

Specifically you will need to obtain the 2nd Nidhogg which will then take you along a path down a hallway which then blocks your path. On your right you will find a sign on the wall inside of the room. At this point you will be shown how to activate the shape by correctly aligning it – and this first one will simply require all enemies to be defeated.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions #2 (Mission 3)

Following the outside area of mission 3, Nero will enter the sewers and as you make your way forward you will encounter an exit sign plastered on a door.

At this point the cinematic cutscene will roll to portray the main path with a staircase leading to it, ignore this and drop down below. Now you will need to look towards the ceiling in order to find some odd looking engravings, move your view to looking above the spot to trigger the mission – which will require you to eliminate Red Empusas before they manage to escape you.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions #3 (Mission 4)

The next one is going to prove a little less straightforward than the last for mission 4, at a precise point you’ll need to spawn Nightmare.

Once you’re at the point of obtaining the Nidhogg and crossing the collapsed bridge there will be a variety of battles amongst the streets, and as you progress you’ll need to look for a painting on a massive structure.

A fight should trigger at this point and you will need to summon your minion who will open up and alternate path after it smashes through the wall. Make your way inside and head along the first floor and you will encounter the right-side corner. The second Nidhogg will be located here, and once collected leave the structure and progress forward until you meet a junction that has two paths to choose from.

Now head down the left path and utilise your trusty bugs which will help you enter another structure. Head up the staircase and you’ll need top get to the floor above by double-jumping, and you should now be looking over the street on the secret mission spot. To complete this one you will need to gather 20 red orbs in the area – but you’ll only have 30 seconds to do it in. Quickplay and hanging unlocks are going to prove extremely useful here.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions #4 (Mission 5)

Once again this one is going to require you to unearth a hidden route. The factory area of this mission will see you bumping into a few enemies, deal with them and as you progress you will notice a studded construction wall.

Here you’ll want to spawn Nightmare, and should your energy reserves be on the low side smash the red barrier tied up near within the path before heading over and obtaining the white orbs. Now it’s time to summon your minion, head back inside and complete the fight that triggers to see a new route that’s now entirely revealed. Collect the white orbs inside the crates nearby if you wish and then take the left-hand yellow staircase.

At this point you should find yourself on the mission position where the location will reveal itself – and the objective will be to take down all enemies in under 3 minutes without taking a hit.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions #5 (Mission 8)

For the next secret mission location you’ll only need to use Nero’s devil trigger to grapple towards the level end, once you find the large lava type elevators you will need to direct your focus towards the second of the two.

Jump upon the platform and direct your attention towards the right-hand area to find an area which you can land on nearby which is where the hidden area lies.

There are two different ways you can get here, one of which is to make a jump from the cascading platform once you feel there’s enough height. Ensure you don’t get so much height that you smash the ceiling as this will cause you to fall (not that damage or landing somewhere else is going to matter at this stage). The alternative is where you’ve reached the peak and hopped onto the main route, you can simply double-jump to make a landing on the platform.

Whichever way you’ve got to the platform you can just grapple your way forwards. Continue the grapple by grabbing the first and shooting the second one. You should now find your direction pointing to a massive enclosed area.

You will find some orbs in addition to two devil triggers to collect, with the highlighted area now clearly in sight. Panning the camera around here isn’t necessary – the secret mission pop-up should simply activate when you look at the wall in front. To complete this one you are going to need to get from one point to another without touching the floor.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions #6 (Mission 9)

You’re going to need Nightmare here once again, polish up mission 9’s very first fight and progress forwards until you come to the platforms holding some red orbs. Summon your minion and a new path will open, head forwards and explore the area until you locate an engraved entrance – a fragment of a blue orb will shimmer if you look inside.

Don’t panic if you haven’t conserved enough energy, explore some more and return when you’re ready. It’s worth noting there is no return if you venture into the mines, and you”ll find you’ve missed it if you appear in a huge cave area.

Assuming your energy is high enough you’ll need to summon Nightmare. The barrier in the way will break once you’ve spawned inside, gather all the resources inside and then hop to the opposite side of the door onto the platform. Pan your camera round until you’re facing the engravings to trigger the prompt. You have less than 20 seconds to take down all of the enemies.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission #7 (Mission 10)

This is the first mission that you’ll take control of Dante, and mission 10 will hold some time-sensitive doors which will shutdown fairly quickly. Although they;re pretty forgiving, to get the best chance of success you need to ensure you defeat the nearby enemies pretty quickly.

Make your way through the mission until you’re in an area that has two separate entry points. Head into the left door after you defeat the demons, ensuring you stand on the side prior to when you landed on the floor.

Should you find some red orbs you’ll want to ensure you take the opposite entrance. A checkpoint will trigger in the entry point so retrying or dying to take both entrances won’t be an issue. At this point head down the path and you will encounter a couple of platforms – double-jump onto one of them and you’ll be right in front of a room with a centred circle. Face from the route you came down and then look above with the camera. Hit the weak point of a single enemy in order to take it down with one shot.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission #8 (Mission 11)

In mission 11 you’ll use Dante again to enter the decaying building. You should find this one easily by heading across a bridge, head inside and break open the new routes by eliminating the demonic presence. Smash the first one and double back to the main area to find a little tower. Find your glowing point by jumping the side walls and get yourself inside – the secret mission will trigger once you look at the wall. Eliminate a wave of demons and maintain an overall S rank.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions #9 (Mission 12)

Next up you will need to get to completing the blood-filled statue and make your way into the catacombs by slipping through the hatch. There’ll be some noticeable wall engravings if you keep heading forwards. Now you will need to look to the right opposite side of this area and double-jump, and if you struggle just jump to a lower step and you should be fine. The standing point here is quite obvious, the secret mission will pop once you face the door. Carry out a variety of attack combos and stay in the air for 15 seconds.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions #10 (Mission 14)

There’s a strong chance you find this secret mission much easier than the others, all you need to do is head down the main route as normal and head forwards once your powers regenerate.

There’ll be a demonic presence to smash through, do this and progress to the bone cave area – take what appears to be an empty passage to the left and look for the highlighted area at the end of it. Pan the camera backwards and the secret mission will appear, requiring you to complete the level without touching the floor.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions #11 (Mission 15)

Secret mission 11 will require you to find the first Divinity Statue after playing through the level, there will be a route right behind it to head into a section which uses Nero’s punch line. Simply throw it across and return it be bashing the same prompt to jump onto it. It gets quite easy from here; reach the other end by following the red orbs – if you fall or take a hit don’t worry as the floor holds more punch lines. Get to the other side and progress forwards to collect a blue orb fragment before falling to the floor after you move forward. Nero feels an odd presence here – move into the glowing area and pan the camera above to activate the secret mission – You have 30 seconds to sprint to the goal.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions #12 (Mission 16)

The final secret mission will need some platform hopping, specifically going down platforms – but not until you complete the third battle and end up in the area pictured below.

Once you’re here look down and traverse down onto the large platform, followed by a small hop to the one underneath. To help you out, look for the purple lighting behind the red orbs to give you an idea of where you need to be. After you get inside progress forwards and then drop down, you won’t miss the highlighted area – look to the ceiling to trigger the final secret mission. All you need to do here is to gather the target number of orbs.

That about wraps up our Devil May Cry 5 secret missions guide, we hope it helped! Why not check out our devil May Cry 5 wiki guide, which contains help on topics such as Devil May Cry 5 difficulty tiers and much more.

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