Red Dead Redemption 2 Fence Map Locations, & How to Sell Illegal Items

red dead redemption 2 fence map locations

red dead redemption 2 fence map locations

Although you may think a fence is what would set boundaries to indicate entry to a new location, the markers which indicate red dead redemption 2 fence map locations actually signify the spot of an illegal merchant. In particular these merchants are the only place where you are going to be able to dispose of your stolen goods for cash, this will include what you’ve stolen while looting enemy pockets and scavenging buildings of strangers.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 fence map locations aren’t that straightforward to track down, being that there are only four locations across the entire map you’re likely trying to find the exact locations of each of these. We’ve put together this guide to help you do exactly that.

First of all you’re going to need to complete the Spines of America mission from chapter 2 before being able to visit a fence. In order to visit the horses or wagon fences (which are specialized) until you complete certain progression points within the main red dead 2 story.

Fence #1 Emerald Ranch

By following the storyline you are going to discover the very first fence in Emerald Ranch which will be unlockabale after the Pouring Fourth Oil mission in Chapter 2. You’ll find this fence if you head to the edge to the south west of Emerald Ranch, you’ll see the illegal merchant with an open window on the rear side of a large barn. Not only will this fence pay for your usual illegal items, but also allows you to sell stolen carriages and stagecoaches.

Once you’ve first visited the Emerald Ranch fence this will automatically result in the wagon fence being unlocked, all you have to do is pull a wagon up to the barn doors and this will open up to show how much you’ll get for your stolen wagon.

Fence #2: Van Horn Trading Post

For this one you will need to head over to New Hanover which is located to the East of Emerald Ranch, and on the Eastern edge of this area is where you will find the docks. There’s a building on the docks, the Van Horn Trading post will be located to the rear of this building.

Fence #3: Rhodes

If you’re already on a roll here then it’s worth making your way towards Rhodes, specifically this area is south of Emerald Ranch. To the north of the town you will see a trailer park, and you want to be looking for a red trailer. On the rear of this trailer is where you’ll find an open window with the fence merchant waiting.

Fence #4: Saint Denis

This fence is a little trickier to find than those described above, the Saint Denis fence is nestled within the streets and more specifically a market square crammed amongst the hustle and bustle. Look out for a green building or alternatively an arch made of brick and you’ll have a clue as to where its hiding. This fence is the only one of those listed that will accept golden bvars with a worth of $500.

Horse Fence

You won’t be able to visit this fence until you have completed the ‘Horse Flesh for dinner’ mission in chapter three of the main story, but you’ll find this one located to the Northwest of Rhodes along the edge of the water. There will be two strangers together that you’ll need to speak to. As the name suggests you can trade stolen horses in here.

Hopefully our red dead redemption 2 fence map locations guide has helped you out a little, we’ve also got some other red Dead Redemption 2 guides to help you out.

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