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Anthem Alliance System Guide


If you’ve already begun playing Anthem with your mates it’s likely you’ve already started taking advantage of the rewards the guild-style Anthem Alliance System offers.

the Anthem Alliance System works a little different to games offering something similar, that is the fact that simply playing with friends gets you earning rewards right away – changing your play style will see you earning more treasured awards however.

Anthem Alliance System Beginners Tips

There are a vast variety of activities in addition to missions in the game, the Anthem Alliance System will see you climbing a ladder as you play.

You’ll build up your Alliance XP for each expedition you complete in addition to standard XP. Both XP types will be of the same quantity, although your weekly alliance contribution will be deducted from the Alliance XP you’ve earned.

You’ll gain Coin through the various tiers by building up enough Alliance XP in a week which will see your Alliance level rise.

The weekly Alliance balance will reset and your friends (and you) will be able to see who gained the most XP in a top 5 table. If your Alliance level is’nt far behind one of your mates you’ll be rewarded more handsomely, don’t worry if you’re trailing through as you’ll still get some kind of reward either way.

The Anthem Alliance System in a nutshell is very similar to a leader board, where each week your mate’s scores will be shown in a top five, so it’s not about beating their scores but playing the game as much as everybody else.

Your Alliance will still increase even if you’re online when your mates aren’t, so XP still gets counted whenever you get time to play. The weekly totals are then calculated against your buddies up until the scores reset.

Although not a necessity, play Anthem with friends and you will have a fairer chance of matching Alliance XP – resulting in rewards of higher value.

Here’s how to join the Anthem Alliance System

The sweet thing about the Anthem Alliance System is you don’t actually need to join the Alliance, as soon as you start playing you will begin earning XP and a freinds list will automatically be fed in.

The Alliance friends list won’t remain empty even if none of your mates have played Anthem during the week – to bulk it out it’ll instead take someone you have paired up with. Friends actively playing are necessary to populate a list of five friends as explained on Reddit.

To begin with it’s worth getting the leader board filled with friends – so Xbox One players will have their friends list, PS4 is your PlayStation Network mates, while PC is your Origin pals. Basically ask them to play so you can all start benefiting from higher quality rewards.

As you add friends do bear in mind XP is only earned from that moment and not backdated, with your top five mates making contributions to your Anthem Alliance System. It’s not about adding everyone, great players will suffice over loads of player numbers.

Viewing your current Anthem Alliance System status

This one is fairly easy; head over to Fort Tarsis and speak to Lucky Jak which is also where both monthly,  weekly, and daily challenges will be displayed.

Look out for the hour glass and you’ll know you’re there, or you can also go to Javelin Launch Bay to check this instead.

Every time you finish an expedition successfully you will also automatically see your Anthem Alliance System status displayed.

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