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Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass Cost, Wild Frontier Details & Rewards


It may have seemed like forever but the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass has finally made its debut. The Wild Frontier as it’s known is getting a mix of reviews, but whether you part with your cash for the Battle Pass is where we come in and help – we’ve put together an Apex legends Battle Pass Cost, Skins And Rewards guide. Make sure to check out Gaming Feature for similar guides!

Within the first battle pass is going to be a hefty list of battle pass rewards, a total of 100 to be specific. You’ll get Apex Packs, Credits, weapons, character skins and much more included.

As we find out more in-depth details about the apex legends battle pass we will ensure this article is updated to reflect our finds, so check back regularly – but now lets see what is on offer!

The Apex legends Season 1 battle Pass isn’t too dissimilar to rival Battle Royale title Fortnite, so if you’ve played that you’ll get the general idea of how this works.

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass cost, Wild frontier Details, Skins And Rewards

As you may have already guessed, the season 1 Apex legends Battle Pass is only going to be around for the duration of the first season before changing. There will be new additions with each season, but for this one the main thing Season 1 brings is Octane as a new legend and the Battle Pass.

If you are a player that opts to purchase the Battle Pass you will be rewarded with one of the 100 higher-tier rewards, for the free version of the Battle Pass players will need to earn them in-game (this is open to all). Until you reach level 100 you will earn a reward for each level you progress through, and in order to up your level you’ll need to build up your XP allotment which will result in your Battle Pass level increasing as a result.


Don’t get your Battle Pass level and account level confused though, they are two different assets entirely. Play Apex legends and you will earn XP which will count towards at least one of these level types as they operate a similar earning process.

Here’s everything you’ll earn at each level of the Battle Pass (Thanks to PC Gamer):

  1. Lifeline Revolutionary skin, Mirage Outlaw skin, Wraith Survivor skin
  2. Triple Take Harvest skin, Apex Pack
  3. Tracker – Season 1 Kills as Wraith
  4. Hemlock Patchwork skin, Tracker – Season 1 Wins as Gibraltar
  5. Wild Frontier Badge
  6. Bangalore quip, Tracker – Season 1 Wins as Pathfinder
  7. 50 Apex Coins
  8. Tracker – Season 1 Kills as Bloodhound, Tracker – Season 1 Wins as Wraith
  9. Prowler Navigator skin
  10. Wild Frontier Badge, Tracker – Season 1 Wins as Bangalore
  11. 50 Apex Coins
  12. +5% BP Point Booster, Apex Pack (rare)
  13. Mirage banner frame
  14. Longbow Navigator skin, Tracker – Season 1 Wins as Bloodhound
  15. Wild Frontier Badge
  16. Mirage quip, Tracker – Season 1 Wins as Caustic
  17. 50 Apex Coins
  18. Octane banner frame, Tracker – Season 1 Wins as Mirage
  19. M600 Spitfire Patchwork skin
  20. Wild Frontier Badge, Tracker – Season 1 Wins as Lifeline
  21. 50 Apex Coins
  22. +5% BP Point Booster, Tracker – Season 1 Wins as Octane
  23. Wraith banner frame
  24. Mozambique Navigator skin, Apex Pack (rare)
  25. Wild Frontier Badge
  26. Apex Pack (epic), Tracker – Season 1 Damage Done as Caustic
  27. Pathfinder quip
  28. Tracker – Season 1 Kills as Mirage, Tracker – Season 1 Damage Done as Bangalore
  29. Kraber Harvest skin
  30. Wild Frontier Badge, Tracker – Season 1 Damage Done as Gibraltar
  31. 50 Apex Coins
  32. +5% BP Point Booster, Tracker – Season 1 Damage Done as Bloodhound
  33. Tracker – Season 1 Kills as Pathfinder
  34. EVA-8 Patchwork skin, Apex Pack (rare)
  35. Wild Frontier Badge
  36. Caustic quip, Tracker – Season 1 Damage Done as Lifeline
  37. 50 Apex Coins
  38. Tracker – Season 1 Kills as Caustic, Tracker – Season 1 Damage Done as Octane
  39. Flatline Navigator skin
  40. Wild Frontier Badge, Tracker – Season 1 Damage Done as Wraith
  41. 50 Apex Coins
  42. +5% BP Point Booster, Tracker – Season 1 Damage Done as Mirage
  43. Apex Pack (rare)
  44. Alternator Patchwork skin, Tracker – Season 1 Damage Done as Pathfinder
  45. Wild Frontier Badge
  46. Gibraltar quip, Apex Pack (rare)
  47. 50 Apex Coins
  48. Tracker – Season 1 Kills as Gibraltar, Octane Messenger skin
  49. Peacekeeper Harvest skin
  50. Wild Frontier badge
  51. Prowler Thrill of the Hunt skin (Epic)
  52. +5% BP Point Booster
  53. Apex Pack (rare)
  54. Devotion LMG Harvest skin
  55. Wild Frontier Badge
  56. Wraith quip
  57. 50 Apex Coins
  58. Tracker – Season 1 Kills as Octane
  59. Mastiff Patchwork skin
  60. Wild Frontier Badge
  61. Lifeline banner frame
  62. +5% BP Point Booster
  63. 50 Apex Coins
  64. P2020 Harvest skin
  65. Wild Frontier Badge
  66. Bloodhound quip
  67. 50 Apex Coins
  68. Tracker – Season 1 Kills as Lifeline
  69. Havoc Patchwork skin
  70. Wild Frontier Badge
  71. Bloodhound banner frame
  72. +5% BP Point Booster
  73. Apex Pack (rare)
  74. R-99 Harvest skin
  75. Wild Frontier Badge
  76. Octane quip
  77. 50 Apex Coins
  78. Tracker – Season 1 Kills as Bangalore
  79. Wingman Navigator skin
  80. Wild Frontier Badge
  81. Gibraltar banner frame
  82. +5% BP Point Booster
  83. Apex Pack (rare)
  84. RE-45 Patchwork skin
  85. Wild Frontier Badge
  86. Apex Pack (legendary)
  87. 100 Apex Coins
  88. Caustic banner frame
  89. +5% BP Point Booster
  90. Wild Frontier Badge
  91. Pathfinder banner frame
  92. +5% BP Point Booster
  93. Apex Pack (rare)
  94. G7 Scout Patchwork skin
  95. Wild Frontier Badge
  96. Lifeline quip
  97. 100 Apex Coins
  98. Bangalore banner frame
  99. R-301 Harvest skin

And at the 100 mark; Wild Frontier Badge, Havoc The Silver Storm skin (legendary, reactive)

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass – cost details and when you can get it

The good news is that the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass is already available, March 19th saw the expansion to Apex Legends launch so you’ll have no trouble jumping on-board right now. If you want to try it out for yourself you can do so via three methods; purchase the Battle Pass, purchase a Battle Pass bundle or save some cash and play the Battle Pass for free.

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass bundle


First up among the three methods is the most extensive; you will need to shell out 2800 Apex Coins to begin with. No matter what level you are currently, you’ll automatically boost up 25 levels (if you’re level 50 for example you’d jump to level 75). You may wish to simply start fresh with the bundle and auto-jump to level 25.

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass (purchase)

to unlock the mid-tier Battle Pass option you will need to shell out 950 Apex Coins which will allow you to access the 100 total rewards on the list. This means every level you climb will reward you as soon as the next Battle Pass level goes ping! Additionally you’ll also gain access to the free rewards once you reach the corresponding level requirement.

 Free Method

If you wish to keep your cash close this option is for you, you will only gain access to the standard rewards but you can climb the Battle Pass level ranks as you normally would. In order to unlock the free rewards you need to rank up to the corresponding Battle Pass level. If you decide not to purchase the Battle Pass you’d need to reach level 48 (Battle Pass) in order to unlock the Wild Frontier character skin. The free Battle Pass also includes 18 Wild Frontier stat monitors in addition to a total of 5 Apex Legends packs.

Taking all of the passes into account it’s worth noting you will need to be in-game in order to purchase any of the premium Battle Pass options, no one on a selling group or otherwise can actually retail them so don’t get caught out! Not too dissimilar to the Battle Pass system in Fortnite, the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass provides rewards of Apex Coins as you progress through a lot of varied requirements, meaning you could build up the right amount of currency to cover the cost of the next Battle Pass.

Once Season 1 ends it’s worth noting that the Battle pass rewards will no longer be available, so don’t go searching the game after this time as you won’t be able to find them. Also, if you decide to save your Apex Coins after you hit level 100 (earning a total of 800 coins), this will actually be enough to purchase Season 2’s Battle Pass without spending a penny of your own money.

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass – Wild Frontier

As we’ve mentioned above the first Apex Legends season is called Wild Frontier, with the newest addition to the character roster being Octane coming in as a separate asset to the Battle Pass itself. Within the Battle Pass however there will be some Octane skins contained within which you will be able to use with the new legend.

Some additions to the yellow and orange junkyard-type skins have been in place since the Battle Pass launched, and in addition there are an awful lot of trackers and badges to boot as well.

Respawn confirmed that three months is the duration planned for Apex Season 1, which means we can expect to see Apex Legends season 2 popping up sometime in June.

Apex Legends 2019 Roadmap recap

As we detailed previously in our Apex legends roadmap, 2019 is set to release four seasons.

The image above speaks for itself, but essentially it tells us that:

  1. In 2019 the first of four seasons are due to launch sometime in March
  2. As seasons are released/updated they will last for a total of three months
  3. In addition to additional weapons, attachments and Apex Legends character stats there’ll also be a Battle Pass per season

Timings wise for the Battle pass, the image from Respawn shows:

  1. March will see the launch of Apex Legends Season 1
  2. June will bring home Apex Legends Season 2
  3. September will launch the third Season
  4. The final Season (Apex Legends Season 4) will release in December

Looking for more Apex legends help? Check out our guides and wikis section for loads more guides such as the best Apex legends weapons, and the Apex Legends character abilities.

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