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anthem loot drop changes

Anthem Loot Drop Changes – High Level Drop Chances Are Given A Boost

According to a recent update communicated by EA, there have been “some notable changes to the loot drop rate”, what the Anthem loot drop changes are is dug-into further down. How to apply ...[Read More]


Anthem Update 1.0.3 Just Released with Some Very Welcome Changes

It looks as though the devs at BioWare are going to be releasing quite a significant update this evening which can see some very key in-game improvements. The Anthem Update 1.0.3 is set to go live bet...[Read More]


Anthem PS4 Crash Issues – EA Is Asking Its Players To Report The Error

Anthem has come into the firing line after recent hard PS4 crash incidents were reported – and as of now EA wants players to get in contact to report them. After reports were on the rise, last n...[Read More]

anthem loot boxes

Anthem Loot Boxes Get Much Needed Mechanics Makeover

Put your hands in the air if you love loot boxes (I’m guessing nobody just did that), but I reckon I speak for the majority to say everyone likes in-game loot. Unfortunately the in-game Anthem l...[Read More]

Anthem Treasure Chest Guide

You may have already stumbled across an Anthem treasure chest, if you haven’t they’re essentially a loot source that you can find while scouring the depths of Bastion – so our Anthem...[Read More]

Anthem walkthrough

Anthem Difficulty Tiers

Welcome to Star Struck Gaming’s complete Anthem walkthrough guide, taking you from the main menu of the game right the way through to when the end credits roll. Included in our Anthem walkthroug...[Read More]

Anthem combos guide

Anthem Combos Guide

If you’re going to get ahead of the competition in BioWare’s Anthem, combo mastering is going to help massively. Unlike your average moves combos deal heavy damage to enemies, and in our A...[Read More]


Anthem Alliance System Guide

If you’ve already begun playing Anthem with your mates it’s likely you’ve already started taking advantage of the rewards the guild-style Anthem Alliance System offers. the Anthem Al...[Read More]

Anthem microstransactions guide

Anthem Microtransactions Guide

The Anthem Cosmetic Store is in full swing which means that week one of the Anthem microtransactions are available. There’s a couple of ways to earn them; work your butt off or shell out some ca...[Read More]

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