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Anthem PS4 Crash Issues – EA Is Asking Its Players To Report The Error


Anthem has come into the firing line after recent hard PS4 crash incidents were reported – and as of now EA wants players to get in contact to report them.

After reports were on the rise, last night the publishers behind Anthem acknowledged Anthem PS4 crash issues were becoming a problem. They asked players to report the issue via the EA message boards.

What is the problem with the Anthem PS4 crash?

Not only are these crashes terminating the client which runs the game, but they’re appearing to kill the console’s power completely – much like if you hit the off switch at the mains power.

It’s not completely uncommon for similar issues to appear in PS4 software, but there haven’t been too many major complaints since the PS4 released initially. According to the Anthem community this issue isn’t just a one off, it can occur many times during a single boot of the game.

Players stating their console had been “bricked”  was the feedback that kept appearing when the Anthem PS4 crash issues began emerging yesterday. Several different websites and channels have said pretty much the same thing.

EA has not confirmed that consoles have effectively been bricked, as this would imply the hunk of plastic renders player’s consoles unusable – and that doesn’t seem to be the case right now.

It appears that although the PS4 does eventually turn back on, what players that have reported on EA HQ reports are experiencing is the aftermath of the crash. A vast majority of users have stated their PS4 consoles are in cases taking several minutes to power back up once they hit the power button. Using a controller to turn their console back on just isn’t happening, with reports from some players saying their consoles are being forcibly booted into Safe Mode – which is in place to fix any strange or recurring errors on the system.

After this stage players are then shown the screen to say their console has undergone an unexpected shutdown, shutting down incorrectly can damage system storage etc. before finally restarting the system.

Even though it is something that can be resolved, the Anthem PS4 crash issues aren’t something to be sniffed at – players really shouldn’t be experiencing the problem with the amount of budget EA has pumped into Anthem, and it certainly shouldn’t happen repeatedly.

EA said that “We are currently in process of gathering information about the PS4 issues so we can determine the root cause,” and in addition

“If you are experiencing hard crashes of your console please reply with the following information:

“PlayStation Console: (PS4, Slim, Pro), PSN ID, Crash Info: When does the crash take place? Are you having to take specific steps to get your PlayStation going again? Have you reported your crash data when prompted?”

The Anthem PS4 crash issue is a resounding one, with all PS4 models being affected with the exact same symptoms.

The past three or four days have seen the crash reports sky-rocketing, with players speculating the recent Anthem patch having something to do with it. Apparently their have been reports of Sony crediting Redditors with refunds for their Anthem purchases, but it doesn’t look like the refunds are a one-size-fits-all solution.

Essentially what is already a game that’s facing player criticism, Anthem is receiving more negatives than positives from its loyal player base.

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