PlayStation Plus January 2019 games Reveal Includes Steep And More

PlayStation Plus January 2019

It seems like only a few weeks back that the original PS4 was released, but with the weeks feeling like days and months feeling like weeks, we are fast approaching the end of 2018. With that comes the lineup of the PlayStation Plus January 2019 being announced, that’s probably why you’re reading this now!

Of course with the announce of the PlayStation Plus January 2019 games not onlky includes PS4 games, but also Vita and PS3 titles for free for PS Plus subscribers. Let’s not waste anymore time, here’s the lineup of games you’ll be able to download from Jan 1st to February 5th 2019.

First up for the PS4 players out there is Steep, and if you are a fan of snowboarding games like the old school SSX this Ubisoft title might rekindle some memories. Snowboard, glide and ski from the top of the tallest mountains down to the very base of them – of course you’ll want to style this out with some awesome tricks in the process.

The second PS4 title amongst the PlayStation Plus January 2019 lineup is Portal Knights. This one will appeal straight away to Minecraft fans as it uses the same building type elements and spins this around into a playable RPG. Exploration and crafting will be key so you’d better have your tools at the ready!

For the PS3 players we have Amplitude which will appeal to those who enjoy games based on music and rhythm. Secondly is the remastered PS2 combat game Zone of the Enders HD Collection.

Last but not least is our PS Vita titles which include Super Mutant Alien Assault and Fallen Legion: Flames of the Rebellion.

PS Plus note*** As of March 2019 PlayStation Plus subscribers won’t be getting PS3 or Vita titles anymore, so if you’re someone who subscribes to Plus for these titles it may be worth cancelling your subscription, or at least turning off auto-renew.

PlayStation Plus January 2019 recap


Portal Knights


Zone of the Enders HD Collection

PS Vita

Fallen Legion: Flames of the Rebellion
Super Mutant Alien Assault

if you missed the games that were available to download this month, we put together a list of the December 2018 PS Plus games which are still available to download.

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