Horizon Zero Dawn 2 leak suggests Guerilla Games could be working on sequel

horizon zero dawn leak

It may not be the first Horizon Zero Dawn 2 leak we’ve heard of recently, but until; now its only been hearsay. Now it looks as though the various rumours floating around could amount to some truth, that’s after Guerilla Games, the team behind Horizon Zero Dawn said they’re getting ready for an announcement.

The Horizon Zero Dawn 2 leak, here are the specifics

The latest Horizon Zero Dawn 2 leak is backed up by Darren Randall, Guerilla Games’ Principal Animator who posted a couple of pictures which show the exterior of the Stockholm recoirding facilities of Goodbye Kansas. “we’ve come for your mocaps.” says Randall.

Who are Goodbye Kansas?

Goodbye Kansas refers to the same studio that worked alongside the Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt Red team for the trailer that showcased at E3 2019. The same Goodbye Kansas team worked on the Cyberpunk 2077 making-of clip too. The studio hasn’t been limited to Cyberpunk 2077 either, they also had their name to work on the trailers for Overkill’s: The Walkling dead, Mass Effect: Andromeda among others. Taking all this into account, in summary, the Goodbye Kansas team are behind some pretty epic game trailers, even if the games weren’t so amazing…

It looks as though Goodbye Kansas and Guerilla Games are set to work together to work on a new CGI trailer for an undisclosed project. The question is, why are they doing another trailer? It’s highly unlikely they are doing some belated advertising for the original Horizon Zero Dawn, and they’re certainly not releasing more content for it. The Frozen Wilds was the last Horizon Zero Dawn DLC, and even if the studio has given a helping hand to Kojima Productions for the upcoming Death Stranding release, they’ve surely worked on something of their own by now. It’s more likely to be a new entry to their games roster.

The scenario that would make the most sense here relates to the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 leak. It seems incredibly likely this would be the next entry to their library, considering Killzone was their last successful franchise in 2004 pre-dating Horizon: Zero Dawn. It began with the initial release of the game and then became all the more visually stunning after the PS4 Pro further enhanced the graphics. There’s no reason why the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 leak couldn’t relate to a PS5 release either given how successful the first game in the franchise has been.
If a trailer is in the making, you can be sure we’re still a while away from seeing a finished product, which would definitely work for the PS5 release in 2020.
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