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Gears of War Tactics release date and trailer finally confirmed

Among many other exciting reveals during the 2019 Game Awards, the Gears of War Tactics release date landed alongside a teaser trailer to show off the new Gears strategy title. The Gears Tactics release date is due to arrive on Xbox One and PC next year on April 28th.

Gears of War Tactics release date, what else do we know?

Following the reveal of the Gears of War Tactics release date last week we then got a further update from Rod Fergusson, Studio Head of The Coalition to say that the game will not feature any microtransactions, which is great, but went on to say there’d be no multiplayer mode whatsoever either!

Gears Tactics made its debut at E3 2018, essentially showing off the series’ entry into the strategy genre. The game is a Gears of War spin-off which is set before the events of the very first Gears of War, specifically set twelve years prior. The game was a no-show at E3 2019 however, but thanks to the new trailer below The Coalition has certainly redeemed itself.

The Gears Tactics trailer above is the most we’ve seen so far from the gameplay and any kind of cinematics. Phoenix Point certainly springs to mind for the type of real-time strategy focus being used, although the huge monsters, heavy weaponry and the shits and giggles we know from the Gears franchise have all been added.
Gears Tactics will be a turn-based title, where you’ll set up barriers between you and your enemies across the map, chucking explosives and firing bullets until one of you is taken down. As a player of these types of strategy games, I’m going in with an open mind that this instalment will be good. The tweet from Fergusson above is welcome news in terms of microtransactions for Gears Tactics, often proving to be more of a bane than something we actually want in-game. Although on the flip side, multiplayer would have been a welcome addition, there we go.
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