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Robert Pattinson as Batman? Like it or not he’s in Warner Bros new movie

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Following the unsuccessful performances from Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in DC’s Batman and Superman movies, it now look as though we’ll be seeing Robert Pattinson as Batman for the next movie.

The next Batman movie from Matt Reeves coming in the foreseeable future is starring Robert Pattinson as Batman, and for those of you who can’t picture the face – Pattinson is mostly known for his Twilight appearances.

Robert Pattinson as Batman – not a done deal

Thanks to a report from Variety¬†it explains that casting Robert Pattinson as Batman isn’t a solid definite just yet, but that he is in 1st place to take the role. The confirmation (which seems likely) will comes soon enough to verify if Pattinson gets the role.

Unsurprisingly the web has already gone bat shit crazy with people speculating whether Robert Pattinson as The Batman is a good thing or not, with many arguing that the role of the caped crusader is too much of a powerful role for the Twilight actor.

For the Batman fans out there it doesn’t seem like Reeves is an issue at all, with some major movies under his belt such as Cloverfield and the two latest Planet of The Apes movies. Reeves had some big boots to fill as well after standing in 2017 when Affleck stopped directing the Batman movie for Warner Bros.

It might feel like Robert Pattinson hasn’t done much since his blood-sucking vamp days, but credit is due as he’s since featured in Good Time which came out in 2017 and proved a hit with viewers. Pattinson is also set to appear in some movies that are yet to hit the big screen, but the test will be whether he can take a decades-old comic book hero to put the right spin on his dark and rather masculine character.

At the time of writing we cannot say for definite that we’ll see Robert Pattinson as Batman, joining the ranks of Wonder Woman, The Flash. or Aquaman. What is for sure though is we’ll know soon enough – when we do we’ll keep you posted.

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