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Gears 5 achievement list is revealed (spoiler free), a month before release!


With less than a month until Gears 5 releases, the game has already gone gold according to Xbox and the Coalition. With this, Xbox felt the need to mark this iconic moment by releasing an entire Gears 5 achievement list, so you’ll get a good idea of the challenges you will face as soon as you start playing. It’s only a month away when Gears 5, the Microsoft Exclusive will release on September 10th. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate user, however, you’ll only have to wait until September 6th. You might be wondering what ‘going gold’ means, it simply means the Gears 5 release date is set in stone, and id not set to change.

Spoilers disclaimer: The Gears 5 achievement list is “all spoiler-free.”, but instead it may contain hints and secrets related to the latter part of the game

Dana Sissons, The Coalition comms director said “Adding to the excitement for fans, we’re also unveiling the full achievement list for Gears 5,”b further adding “you’ll be able to add to your Gamerscore across 71 achievements spanning Campaign, Escape, Versus, Horde, Map Builder and more.”

Gears 5 will be best played on Xbox one X promising frame rates of 60fps and 4K HDR gameplay. Sissons adds that Windows 10, Steam and Xbox will all support cross-platform play and Adaptive Controller support will also be in place from day one.

The Gears 5 achievement list is fairly substantial, to say the least, so if you’re an achievement hunter then you’ll certainly have your work cut out to obtain them all with the studio adding this is “easily the biggest entry in the Gears of War franchise.”

If seeing the Gears 5 achievement list has made you even more eager to get playing before September 10th, you can pick up a Game Pass subscription for £1 right now, or pre-ordering the Gears 5 Ultimate edition will also give you access on September 6th. We’ve included the list below for your convenience.

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