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Things Go Baps Up In Fortnite Boobs Animation, Epic Apologises

No the breast start for season six...
fortnite boobs animation featured

Fortnite season six launched yesterday and things got off to a bouncy start with fans jumping straight onto Twitter to portray their thoughts. Specifically, a modest streamer known as FaZe Agony took to Twitter to post about the delights he’d found when the new Calamity Cowgirls skin was used to strut the Jubilation taunt. The Fortnite boobs animation won’t quickly be forgotten by fans, but hopefully these assets will be covered up as neccessarry…

In Epic’s defense they quickly responded to the interesting Fortnite boobs animation find and in a statement to IGN a member from Epic said what’s happened isĀ  “unintended, embarrassing” and “careless”. They also said they’d be resolving the issue as soon as possible.

It didn’t take too long for the issue to be resolved, the team at Epic have put an update out to resolve the Fortnite boobs animation problem. Problem!?

Is the Fortnite boobs animation really that much of an issue?

To be fair, yep I get it, it may not be appropriate with the game being directed at younger players with a pair of shaking boobs. You’re probably thinking about the fact that it’s ok for kids to be encouraged to run round an island with some massive weapons with one intention – to kill each other, strange one really…

Clearly some people are already missing the Fortnite boobs animation…

I guess there’s no right or wrong answer, technically yes the boob physics are accurate, on the other hand some probably see it as necessary when there are a younger audience playing. Breast of a bad bunch I’d say.

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