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No Room for Racism Fifa 20 kit gets go ahead from EA


Following the news of the severe racism attack which occurred at England Vs Bulgaria Euro 2020 qualifier match recently, a No Room for Racism Fifa 20 kit has been given the thumbs up by EA.

Here’s a reminder of what happened:

What is the No Room for Racism Fifa 20 kit?

The No Room for Racism Fifa 20 kit is a new kit being added to the game featuring the #NoRoomForRacrism slogan across the front. As you can see from the tweet below the kt showcases Virgil van Dijk, Jesse Lingard, Tammy Abraham and James Maddison wearing the shirts to support the awareness campaign.

Matching themed stadiums are set to be added to the game alongside the No Room for Racism Fifa 20 kit. England came home with six goals to nil after the match which saw two stoppages during the first half due to abuse from racism. You’ll see from the above video that there were nazi salutes being used by stadium goers as well as reports from players stating fans chanting racist comments.

To align with Uefa’s new rules surrounding a no-racism tolerance, the ref paused the match to request a tannoy announcement asking the crowd to halt further abuse. Just before the half-time whistle, the ref stopped the match a further time. During half-time, we see the captain of the Bulgarian team begging his fans to stop the abuse. If there had been a third instance causing a stoppage, England would have abandoned the match by leaving the pitch, a post-match interview confirmed.

the follow-up from the events of the match has been pretty severe, with the Bulgarian Football Union President Borislav Mihaylov handing in his resignation as a result. There were a total of sixteen people being taken into police custody after being found guilty of racial abuse, and thanks to the Bulgarian fans Uefa has also fined the Bulgarian Football Union.

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