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Twitch Prime FIFA 19 rewards: first pack includes Ultimate team packs free


Anyone with an Amazon Prime membership who also loves their gaming should be all over the Twitch Prime rewards that are renewed each month. FIFA 19 has joined the Twitch Prime loot roster, and this month the offering for the Twitch Prime FIFA 19 rewards is the ability to claim two of the ‘Futties’ Ultimate Team special packs.

How can I claim the Twitch Prime FIFA 19 rewards?

In order to claim the Twitch Prime FIFA 19 rewards or any Prime loot you need to be an Amazon Prime member and link your account to Twitch, tick these boxes and you’ll be able to start revealing those packs right away.

You can already grab the Twitch Prime FIFA 19 rewards pack one, and within it you’ll obtain three gold players items in addition to at least an 86 rated player or higher. You’ll have to wait until August to get the second pack but this will contain two gold player content items as well as an 87 rated player or higher. Do bear in mind that the Twitch Prime FIFA 19 rewards packs are only valid for a single platform, and because of this it’s worth checking your Twitch Prime account is linked to the platform you want your rewards to go to.

Don’t have Amazon or Twitch Prime subscriptions? No problem, you’ll be able to get these Twitch Prime FIFA 19 rewards for free if you sign up for a free trial that’ll see you through until next month. Just make sure you remember to cancel the trial if you don’t intend to make use of it! There’s plenty more rewards on Twitch Prime that could be tempting to keep the membership, such as a collection of free games available this month with last month offering Apex Legends content. The Escapists and For The King were among this months free games.

You can sign-up for Twitch Prime for £7.99 a month and it’s included with a full Amazon Prime membership as standard. You’ll also be able to watch Twitch streams with no ads, get free subscriptions for popular streamers and channels, in addition to regular game add-ons and content for free.

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