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Xbox Games With Gold Coming Soon – August 2018 Games Confirmed

xbox games with gold coming soon-august-2018

With the end of July approaching fairly rapidly everyone know what that means for our Xbox Live subscribers – the Xbox games with gold coming soon list has been announced. We normally get some leaked speculation as to what the games are going to be, but in a post confirmed via Xbox Wire we now now confirm the games mentioned are going to be free for us in August.

Xbox One

Death Squared

Forza Horizon 2 – August 1st-31st

For Honor – August 15th-September 15th (Star Struck Gaming best pick)

Although its been more than a year since the samurais, vikings and knights began clashing swords  and spears, the battle is still very much an ongoing entity. This bloodstained First Person MMO is entirely online (if you didn’t already know what an MMO was), and truly forces players to choose the right stance in melee combat to avoid being slaughtered and cut around their opponent. You’ll need to slash through waves of soldiers while also watching your environment surroundings to enable you to conquer territory.

Xbox 360

Dead Space 3 – August 1st-15th

Epic Mickey 2: The power Of 2 – August 16th-31st

Xbox games with gold coming soon August 2018

Don’t forget we always update our Xbox games with gold coming soon every month, you can find out on our social channels via Twitter or Facebook but the list will be revealed on our website on our Xbox One hub before we go anywhere near social media!

So you’re not an Xbox one gold subscriber? No problem, we haven’t lefty you out of the picture. Much like we do with our Xbox games with gold coming soon announcements, we also reveal the free games players will get each month as part of their PlayStation Plus membership, and in the same way we’ll reveal the games on our PS4 news hub so you can find out what you’ll be getting for your hard-earned cash.


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