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PlayStation Plus Free Games List July 2018 Has Been Revealed

playstation plus free games list July 2018

Did someone say it’s getting hot in here or was it just the playstation plus free games list for July that’s heating things up? Either way the free games have been revealed and this month the lineup is looking pretty awesome to say the least.




Heavy Rain (PS Plus game of the month)

If you’ve never played this game made by the same team behind Detroit: Become Human then you are truly missing out. The game offers a captivating story which adapts to the choices and decisions you are thrown into making throughout the game. Everything seems to be going so well until one of your two sons goes missing at a shopping mall after wandering off, needless to say things quickly unfold following the events of that day several years later.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Free until 11th July


Rayman 3 HD

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess

PS Vita

Space Overlords

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

playstation plus free games list round up

Other than Rayman and Heavy Rain I’m looking forward to taking some of the games announced for a spin, I’ve not played them personally nor have I heard about what they have to offer – this is one of the things PS Plus seems to be able to offer players like me really well.

Don’t forget you can keep tabs on which games are going to be released every month at our PlayStation hub, we’ll be updating the lists monthly as they are revealed so that you’re the first to know about the titles you’ll be getting as part of your PlayStation Plus subscription.

Not got a PS4 or other consoles mentioned above? Don’t fret, we’ve not forgotten about you! If you’re an Xbox player with a live subscription you can get free games too with monthly games with gold titles. You can find out which titles you’ll be getting at our xbox hub which is updated monthly with the free games with gold lineup.

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