The 7 Best Female Gaming Characters Celebs Could Totally Transform

the best female gaming characters- samus

As a male gamer in a time where celebrities have such a massive following across social media, television, and across the net, I have at times found myself thinking what certain female celebs could do if the make the best female gaming characters.

I’ve listed a mix of my seven favourite female celebs, along with which games would best suit their personalities.

1. Jennifer Lawrence – The Next Joanna Dark

We all know The Hunger Games and X-Men star was put on this earth to bring us a mix of action and eye pleasing movie appearances. If Jennifer Lawrence makes such eye catching films, then why not make her the centre of attention in a sequal to say Perfect Dark? Combining good looks with girl power, Jennifer Lawrence could prove to be a kick-ass replacement for Joanna Dark if we were ever fortunate enough to see a new game – the bad guys wouldn’t stand a chance.


2. Rita Ora – Samus Aaran

Picture the scene; you’re pummelling through the various stages of Super Smash Bros when you see the familiar message ‘New challenger approaching’, you know by beating this foe you’ll unlock Samus as a playable character. You then realise Rita Ora is filling in for the badass for the day in the famous blue jumpsuit. What do you do? If it was me, I’d have to try and unlock her as I’d want to check out the awesome moves she’d have – obviously seeing if her special move was a big fat X Factor button which exploded.

3. Kim Kardashian – Bring Meryl From Metal Gear Solid Back!

I don’t think anyone who knows what’s going on in the celeb world is any stranger to an asset that Kim Kardashian is famous for, you guessed it – that famous booty she owns! So shaking it at number 2, I believe a 1080p remake of Metal Gear Solid from the ps1 would do pretty well if they replaced Meryl with Kim Kardashian, y’know the soldier who you have to identify by checking out her ass!?

4. Anne Hathaway – A New Era For Princess Peach?

Number four on our list of the best female gaming characters is the Disney actress famous for being in The Princess Diaries had a pretty good run across the original movie and the sequel. Princess Peach is renowned for being a blonde angelic figure who couldn’t do wrong in anyone’s eyes, but I think Nintendo fan’s attention would be grabbed if there was a new Princess on the block, modelled with the spice and eye candy Anne Hathaway has on offer. Imagine playing Super Mario 64, defeating Bowser only to find a brunette wearing a crown!

5. Keira Knightley – Jill Valentine

The Pirates Of The Caribbean actress already has experience dealing with dodgy pirates, but how would she cope working through waves of zombies in Resident Evil – my first thought is pretty well. Keira Knightley doesn’t take no sh**, so I reckon giving her a pistol and a melee weapon to fight off the walking weirdos would be a great way to show what she’s made of.

6. Jessica Alba – The Arkham Catwoman

Over the years there have been a real mix of Catwoman figures in both the games and movies we love, throw Jessica Alba into he mix and I think we’d be looking at a whole different ball game. If DC flew Jessica Alba in as Catwoman there would only be one problem that I could see happening – all of the attention being taken away that the game’s main character is Batman.

7. Nicole Scherzinger – Mortal Kombat’s Jade Stand-In

As there’s a bit of a likeness anyway with the dark hair and the mix of origin, along with them both having a toned physique lets say, Nicole Scherzinger has proved from her music videos that she has the ability to be flexible. She gets my vote as I think she’d give the Mortal Kombat characters an ass-whooping without the real need for button bashing – although let’s face it this is the funnest part of a beat em up.

Got others that’d make the best female gaming characters?

Do you have some other lucky ladies in mind who’d make be much more suited to our list of the best female gaming characters? If so let us know!

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