Shadow Of The Tomb Raider DLC Adds A Forge Challenge In November

It feels as though Square Enix‘ Shadow Of The Tomb Raider has only just released, but believe it or not the game launched almost a month ago (September 14th) at the time of writing. If you bought the game along with the season pass you’ll automatically be receiving your first of the seven Shadow Of The Tomb Raider DLC packs as early as next month. If you didn’t purchase the season pass on day one it can still be purchased for your chosen platform for £24.99 which includes all DLC packs. Each DLC pack is also available individually.

For those interested in what they’ll be getting as part of their DLC content Square Enix put a road-map in place earlier in the year to show exactly what each pack would contain.

Each pack is set to contain a new side mission, outfit, weapon and what we’re all here for – a Challenge Tomb.

With the first of the seven Shadow Of The Tomb Raider DLC packs coming in November, all of them will be available to those who’ve purchased the season pass. Those who have purchased each DLC separately won’t have access to the final DLC pack and will instead get access up to DLC six. The seventh pack will only be playable for those who’ve finished the main story.

What’s in the Shadow Of The Tomb Raider DLC?

So glad you asked that one. owners of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider are being treated to a new Challenge Tomb on November 13th code-named The Forge. In this challenge you are going to be set to climb a rotating tower over a lava-engulfed tomb. There are going to be a wealth of pitfalls you’re likely to misinterpret along with some pretty lethal explosive vents that contain gas. You’ll also be able to use those same vents to launch yourself spinning around some swinging pendulums.

If you are fortunate enough to complete the challenge you’ll be rewarded with a Grenadier Skill which will enable you to cleverly craft some grenades.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider DLC-The Forge

Go co-op or solo

One of the great aspects about the seven challenge tombs that are being released is the ability to attempt them co-op with mates. If you try to go with the co-op option you’ll both be seen as Lara Croft, however the second player will be seen as a side character which will tie in with the challenge.

Each of the Shadow Of The Tomb Raider DLC releases will tie the challenge tomb to that of the side mission with a different character, so the pouzzl-solving we’re used to has more of a narrative spin.

Time attack, score attack ‘ugh’

Personally I’m not one to revisit a side-quest or main mission of a game unless I’m getting something in return for it (like an Achievement or Trophy), Time Attack or Score Attack types are my least favourite.

With Score attack you’ll revisit (should you wish) an already completed Challenge Tomb, the difficulty will be the same except you’ll need to shoot glowing lanterns and shimmers of light in order to increase and beat your previous scores. Time Attack is fairly self-explanatory, finish the challenge in the fastest time you can. You also have the option of these new modes being available in tombs you’ve already completed in the main game.

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