Professor Oak spotted in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot!

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Since its release last week, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has impressed fans with the latest instalment to the Dragon Ball universe. Strangely though, a character from another world we know from pokemon as Professor Oak has made an appearance.


Credit: Reddit/dixendaniels

A player posted a screenshot of what can not be mistaken for Professor Oak over on the Dragonball Z Kakarot  Subreddit, and it’s not just his looks that are familiar. The lookalike is, in fact, a Corporation employee, rocking the same anxious expression, the bushy eyebrows and the same hair colour. Oak must have made his way from Pallet town to become a Capsule Employee, but the Redditor has altered the text so there’s every possibility this could be a new Pokemon game.

The image above is either some odd homage to the Pokemon Professor from the team behind Kakarot, or it could just be a weird coincidence.

Pokemon and Dragonball Z, it’s happened before

The coincidence of Pokemon crossing over with the Dragonball universe isn’t a first either, several times fans have made comparisons between the resemblance of Frieza and Mewtwo. They both have a similar colour and a segmented body structure.

Putting the resemblances aside, fans are massively impressed with how Kakarot has turned out, its exceeded expectations to say the least. Some could argue that this is the best Dragon Ball Z to date.

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