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New Game Plus For God Of War Confirmed For Release This Month

new game plus for god of war

Although it’s no secret that the new game plus for God Of War mode was going to be happening, what we didn’t know was that the new mode was going to be coming as soon as this month, until now.

What are the new game plus for God Of War features?

You’ll probably have sussed already that the new mode will allow players who have already completed the God Of War journey to start the game again, but with a notable difference; you’ll get to keep all of your weapons, enchantments and skills upgrades you obtained through the first play through and it’ll offer the ability to make it as easy or as difficult as you see fit.

The game won’t be exactly as the first encounter

What would be the point in playing the game through all over again if it was going to be the exact same re-run as the first play through? I certainly wouldn’t bother.

That’s where as noted on the PlayStation blog players who want more of a tough ride will encounter higher level enemies that Sony states “might even have a few new tricks up their sleeves”.

For the players out there who have already finished the main storyline, on replaying the adventure there’ll be an option enabled that allows cinematic scenes to become skippable meaning you can jump right be into the centre of the action.

There’s going to be a new level or rarity for gearthat players will need to upgrade using a new resource known as “Skap Slag” which will need to be used in order to from ”the best of the best” to take down high-level enemies. There’ll also be even more powerful armour and enchantments that Sony mention coming in the update.

Game plus mode release date

Not long left to wait now, game plus mode will be available as a game update on August 20th.

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