Black ops 4 Zombies Leak Gives Away Solutions For Difficult Easter Eggs

black ops 4 zombies

Black ops 4 Zombies leak – may contain spoilers***

During the weekend just gone there’s has been news of a massive Black ops 4 Zombies leak that revealed some pretty significant Easter Egg secrets within the zombies game mode.

A so-called fired ex-employee of Treyarch, someone who was in alleged to be a Quality Assurance Tester for the Black Ops 4 Zombies developer went full throttle on Reddit under alias CallofNobodyCares has said to have revealed some fairly significant zombies info.

Since its release in October there have been a number of Easter Eggs in Black ops 4 Zombies that have been frustratingly baffling players, it seems as though the (possibly disgruntled) employee has revealed the solutions.

All of the posts by the above Reddit user have of course been put together on Imgur along with various areas of the Reddit community pages, and as a result the subsequent account has been removed from Reddit – no surprise there.

Its worth noting that the leftover tasks on the IX mission which holds the Viking Boat puzzle in addition to the steps for the Samantha “Crooked Man in a Crooked House” secret on the classified mission have also been revealed.

Additionally the voyage of despair mission which is home to the Engine Room Valves puzzle has also been figured out, with the Blood of The Dead mission which holds the upgrade task of the Spork to the Sporkfire has also been identified.

CoD YouTubers have created an array of videos showing how and where to find these Easter Eggs which verifies the authenticity of the Black ops Zombies leak.

Taking it one step further

In typical ex-employee fashion, the Reddit user CallofNobodyCares  also communicated unseen plans and a Black ops 4 Zombies leak for the upcoming DLC and updates.

The user kept the party going by revealing that Black ops 4 also had a planned campaign which was sent to the trash. Although details aren’t too in-depth the snippet basically shows that the campaign ceased work at around the middle of 2017, involving a 2v2 co-op mode for players to complete missions. Due to resourcing issues the mode was ditched making multiplayer and Blackout modes the main focus for completion.

Following the Blackout 4 zombies leak the player base has turned to Treyarch for answers, with the zombies mode already in the spotlight after complaints from players stating they’d experienced bugs that crashed their game at various points, adding to growing frustration.

Taking advantage of the Black ops 4 zombies leak? Good for you, let us know how you get on.

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