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Anthem Treasure Chest Guide

You may have already stumbled across an Anthem treasure chest, if you haven’t they’re essentially a loot source that you can find while scouring the depths of Bastion – so our Anthem treasure chest guide is your helping hand.

Amongst the loot you find will be a mix of equipment and weapons, but in order to go for completion you’ll need to track down these Anthem treasure chest locations. To progress through Anthem’s story you’ll do well to understand how the treasure chests work.

It’s good to know that playing games like Destiny 2 will put you in good stead, with the Anthem treasure chest locations not being too dissimilar in the way they work. Of course, our Anthem treasure chest guide is here to provide some guidance.

Anthem Treasure Chest guide – how to hunt down locations

First up on our Anthem treasure chest guide is learning the methods to locate these:

Search the depths of Bastion

Complete a World Event and you’ll be rewarded

Searching Bastion

As you explore Bastion you will find that treasure chests will appear in Freeplay or within a mission, this is different to Ember Pieces. BioWare made it so that Anthem treasure chests will randomly appear it’s worth noting that the locations will be quite specific. With this in mind it does mean that the places will have chests appear on one occasion but won’t be there every time. If you visit a location and the chest isn’t there, it’s always worth revisiting again later on.

Locations can range from small camps, ruins, in caves or underwater – basically anywhere that’s interesting or unique.

Realistically your best chance of discovering an Anthem treasure chest is to explore, and as it gets nearer you cannot miss it with the chest symbol being pretty obvious – as you’re pretty near an interact prompt will pop up.

Do try and recall where you found a treasure chest location, as chest respawns later on is quite common. In other words if you shoot past a treasure chest location, make a mental note to revisit later as it could still be there.

World Events

World events are by far the best way to lay your hands on Anthem treasure chests, not to mention be more straightforward. Fire up Free Play mode and make your way around Bastion, point out your handler while exploring and map locations will also be added to assist further.

As you complete a World event your reward will be an Anthem treasure chest, and once earned crack it open to reap the rewarded loot within. One will also be additionally placed against your total should you complete a challenge. In the Anthem early Access release it saw a frustrating bug that only rewarded the player opening the chest, but fortunately that’s been sorted.

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