Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Best Skills Guide


After teasing several gameplay trailers surrounding their latest brutal masterpiece, FromSoftware debuted their release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice which has already gone down well with their fans. For those who’ve already started their journey to survive, you’ll want to get your head around the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice best skills to unlock.

In the successor from the creators of the Dark souls Trilogy, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice skills platform is one of the most in-depth systems so far. Certain skills will mean You’ll need to master individual melee attacks with every enemy you encounter, our Sekiro Shadows Die Twice best skills guide is here to make things go a little smoother.

Building skills points

In order to increase your skills points you will need to take down enemies in a variety of ways, by this we mean keep it stealthy where possible, parry and counter attack, and basically try not to die (easier said than done). If you start to build skills points and then take a devastating blow, you’ll lose half of the skills XP you’ve accumulated, however assuming you fully fill your XP bar these won’t be taken away should you meet a deadly fate. Bearing this in mind, you’ll realise how important the skills XP you acquire will be – while also ensuring you get the bang for your buck when spending these points.

What are the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice best skills?

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Best Skills – Whirlwind Slash

This will be one of the beginning skills you are able to get your hands on, and by unlocking this you’ll release a swiping sword slash which will deal a blow to enemies that have their guard up that can be pretty devastating.

Whirlwind Slash is the top and beginning option on the skill tree, and even so it should not be disregarded as it is an epic first unlock. The skill can deal some high-end damage not only to one opponent, but to an array of foes. The Whirlwind Slash is a great skill option among the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice best skills as it can help to polish off foes with low health, and in addition it’s great to kill enemies like bosses that rely on blocking your strikes.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Best Skills – Fang and Blade

You’ll already be familiar with what it feels like to get bladed by one of the earliest bosses in the game, but what if you could harness that strength yourself? this is where Fang and Blade comes in, by unlocking this skill you will be able to smash through almost any enemy block by utilising the Shinobi Axe by adding a secondary attack. This skill works best with rapid enemies that you want to take down in quick succession, and because the attack you deal won’t be interrupted this works in your favour towards enemies on their last legs. You will learn about Posture Damage as you progress, Fang and blade will prove very effective with some of the stronger enemies and bosses you encounter.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Best Skills – Breath of Life: Light

After you take the last ounce of health from a foe with a death Blow, you will find your Vitality bar fills slightly in return for your efforts. Break an enemies posture, stealth kill and enemy or simply break their guard and you will see Breath of Life rewarding you with increments of vitality with each move – awesome. Regaining health with this Sekiro Shadows Die Twice best skills perk unlocked will stand you in good stead when you face enemies with several health bars, allowing you to build health between fights.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Best Skills – Mikiri Counter

Next up on the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice best skills list is the mikiri Counter. This skill will be a beneficial unlock as it will allow you to tear down attacks which would normally result in the enemy blocking, and in doing so you will be able to spark some increased posture damage by returning enemy sword jabs back against them. This isn’t the easiest move to master, but hit the sweet spot on it will be kind to you during a fight.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Best Skills – Emma’s Potency Medicine

This without a doubt is going to be essential toi you surviving, once you get your Healing gourd this skill will add a boost to the total health that is replenished when using the Gourd. Do make sure that you use your Gourd wisely as you will soon come to realise how few Gourd seeds are actually lying around.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Best Skills – Chasing Slice

If you want to soften the distance between you and your enemy then you’ll want to utilise your Shuriken (loaded) with the Chasing slice skill to make things happen a little more rapid.

If an enemy is landing some pretty tricky combos then it’s worth using Chasing Slice following a dash of your Shuriken to interrupt the combo, and comeback with that finishing blow.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Best Skills – Suppress Presence

Last but by no means least among our Sekiro Shadows Die Twice best skills is the suppress Presence skill. It can often be frustrating traversing the world of Sekiro when not just one, but several enemies dash to pummel you at once, and although you’re not invisible with this equipped it will certainly help taking down individual enemies of a group.

Looking for more help aside from the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice best skills? Check out our guides and wikis area where we’ll be adding new guides as they’re written.


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