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Apex Legends Weapons Guide

apex Legends weapons guide

Apex Legends is taking the gaming player base by storm, that’s pretty much certain. Respawn’s spanking new Battle Royale title is definitely on the cards as a Fortnite competitor, after getting in excess of 25 million players onboard after week one. Teamwork in addition to speed and movement are going to be key to ensure you secure your hard=earned wins. In order to gain an edge over others players you really need to know about the weapons that are going to work for you, and thus our Apex Legends weapons guide is born.

Much like they do in Gears of War titles, shotguns used at close range are going to tear players in two. Sniper rifles aren’t going to be as powerful as you’re used to like in Cod: Black Ops 4 for example, mainly due to how players recover in Apex legends. Essentially, knowing which guns have the  best outcome doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach with Apex.

Using attachments and modifications to certain firearms can have a huge impact on the performance of a weapon, and using this as a baseline we’ve taken this into account for selecting our Apex Legends weapons guide top picks.

Apex Legends Weapons Guide – Kraber .50 Cal

This sniper rifle is going to be amongst the trickiest weapons to find in the game, but if you do stumble across one, hats off to you. Due to the speciality of this rifle it is going to utilise a rare breed of ammo, meaning once it’s gone,. it’s gone. Time your shots with precision and you probably won’t feel the pinch for needing extra bullets anyway. The Kraber .50 Cal is the sole weapon in Apex Legends that provides a golden gun approach – land a shot, land a deadly kill.

If you happen to miss your target completely, bear in mind that the rifle inherits a bolt action frequency, in other words it’s going to take you a while to reload (leaving you open to getting killed yourself). The scope that is attached as standard to the Kraber inherits a 4x zoom, agreed this is great for scoping out distanced enemies, but when its down to the final few in a closed circle it may not be the best choice. If you do make it to near the end of the match, it’d probably be worth dropping the rifle in exchange for something else.

Apex Legends Weapons Guide – Triple Take

The Triple Take falls into the more common category amongst the sniper rifle tiers. The ammo used in the Triple take is on the uncommon side, possessing a rare energy ammo type. The gun fires a three shot horizontal burst and packs some relatively heavy damage. With its unique firepower it means instead of taking a headshot it will go one of two sides of your chosen enemy.

Amongst the compatible mods and attachments is a Precision Choke, the end result is a reduction in how far the shots will spread which is great as the horizontal burst could otherwise prove an issue.

Apex Legends Weapons Guide – Peacekeeper

Next up on our apex Legends weapons guide is a shotgun, very powerful when used in close range combat. The way this item reloads isn’t too dissimilar to the weapon we saw in the Terminator movies, with two shots per punch the Peacekeeper packs some devastating effects.0

When you combine one of the Choke Mods among the in-game attachments with the Peacekeeper, you are going to find your shooting distance vastly increases. This combo is awesome when you need a tad more range to your shot, and with such a huge punch from the bullets enemies won’t know what’s hit them. Balance your loadout a little further by adding one of the many assault rifles.

Apex Legends Weapons Guide – Mastiff

Continuing with our pick of shotguns, the mastiff is similar in rarity to that of the Kraber, and will have its own special ammo at the ready as standard. Damn this thing packs some power, shields won’t hold up for long after taking shots from this, in addition anyone shot with this weapon isn’t going to live to tell the tale.

The use of the Mastiff is going to be limited, so combine this firearm with the right Apex legends character class ability to ensure you get a good lineup of kills. Using Caustic’s gas abilities in conjunction with the Mastiff to track down and demolish entire teams with this weapon is a great way to go.

Apex Legends Weapons Guide – Wingman

Appearing further down our apex Legends weapons guide is certainly a favourite starting weapon. The six-shooter type firearm takes some rock-solid ammunition, dealing some catastrophic blows to enemies on the receiving end. Making sure you get accuracy spot on is going to be in your interest, and it may take some getting used to. The Wingman is certainly regarded as one of the top pistols in Apex legends if you’re looking to get rid of an enemy quick style.

Although not the easiest to find, the Skullpiercer attachment mod could see you through to the end of a match with Wingman being the only weapon necessary. If you’re one on one equipping this attachment is going to see heightened headshot power inherited as standard, so its certainly a great choice of weapon to consider.

Apex Legends Weapons Guide – VK-47 Flatline

if you want the best of the best in terms of assault rifles, this is your champ. Not too much in the way of kickback and of course fully automatic. Equipping a stock attachment with this firearm and you’ll reap the benefits whether one on one or faced with several enemies. Unfortunately it’s not compatible with any unique modifications, but the default weapon is still very formidable.

If you want a one-size-fits-all solution, this is definitely a contender. A Flatline is the way to go if you’re not looking for anything special.

Apex Legends Weapons Guide – Prowler

This burst fire hell on Earth weapon is a complete punishment to anyone who stands in its way. The SMG is going to use some pretty hefty ammunition, and if you slap on a Hopper modification you’ll be able to turn the firearm fully automatic. Armour and shields aren’t going to stand a chance when this is fired at close range.

Hands up the range on this one isn’t anything to write home about, meaning an enemy with a rifle is going to own the upper hand. Ensure your loadout contains a weapon that has more in the range department and you’ll be glad you’ve got The Prowler for you to abuse.

Apex Legends Weapons Guide – R-301 Carbine

If an all-round solution is the way you want to go then the R-301 will be closely compared to that of the Flatline. Damage wise though the R-301 doesn’t quite stand as tall as the Flatline, it does however offer more precise accuracy so it’s definitely an option not to ignore.

Slap on some Apex legends attachments and you’ll see these minor damage issues melt away, and if you’re fortunate enough to get an Epic mod this will be a great contender no matter what type of trouble you get into.

Check out our Apex Legends Guide for more tips on how to smash your way to victory.

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