Man of Medan endings guide: how to see the best outcome for all the crew


If you’ve already completed the first of the Man of Medan endings then we have some good (or bad) news for you. The endings available across Man of Medan will take you a long time if you want to see them all! Check out the clip further down this article which shows the best Man of Medan endings to choose from, that gives you an idea of how many there are. As we detailed in our Man of Medan review, you have the choice of saving your crew or killing them all off if you choose to.

what are the best Man of Medan endings?

If you’re not sold on the idea of playing through the four-hour-long game countless times then we’ve taken the hard work out by explaining what the best Man of Medan endings are. This should save you a lot of time and effort, there are not many other incentives to play the game over and over otherwise! It suffices to say that the choices you make through the game don’t provide the outcome you might have thought, or even make you believe its an outcome that’d occur in real life. There’s no definitive to seeing the best Man of Medan endings, but we think we’re pretty close to the mark with the choices we detail below. The directions for which option you should choose, how to handle some of the core dilemmas, and what other possible outcomes there may be.

Get the best Man of Medan endings

It’s no surprise that the best of all of the Man of Medan endings is the one where all your crew makes it out of the dilemma alive. We’re not talking about the bad guys, but instead referring to Fliss, Conrad, Alex, Junior, Julia and Brad.

In order to get a viewing of this ending you need to be bulletproof, that means no mistakes, and perfectly timing the quick time event prompts. When a prompt to fight some of the eery ghosts pops up it’s natural to take the flee approach. The ghosts onboard are actually your mates, so you’d be wise to go with the option to fight back.

Take the above into account, as well as the below directives and you should be able to see the most sought after of the Man of Medan endings.

  • Do not steal the speed boat. Keep Conrad onboard.
  • Keep Brad and Fliss alive by ensuring their crew doesn’t kill them.
  • Julia should receive the proposal from Alex, Julia also needs to survive the dive. Ensure Julia doesn’t come up for air too fast while in dive.
  • Brad needs to hide whilst intrusion occurs.
  • Brad needs to locate the gas mark during the Finding Friends scenario.
  • Send Fliss for fresh air outside during Ritual.
  • While in the radio area you need to collect the rebreather, this is your only hope that Junior will believe the mist can be exasperated.
  • Danny’s rotting corpse will hold a wedding ring, make sure to pick this up from the Lower docks.

If you have followed all of the above and ensured perfection with those QTE prompts then you’ll be seeing the Man of Medan endings with a positive outcome. Julia will get the ring back from Alex, and the entire crew can set sail on the Duke of Milan with the Ghost Ship left far in the distance. Happy endings are great, although that’s not saying anything for Supermassive’s next Dark Pictures Anthology instalment!

Check out the clip below to see all of the alternate Man of Medan endings, most of which take a much more sinister route than the one you’ve just seen.

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