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Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades guide


When you’re in the thick of Gears 5 you will soon realise the importance of collecting components for Jack’s abilities. Once you start collecting components, you’ll then stumble across Jack’s first ultimate ability, and once you do it’ll become apparent how epic these abilities can be to enhancing Jack’s existing skills. Read on for our Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades guide for all the locations, effects and how to unlock Jack’s ultimate abilities.

Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades: Flash Freeze

In order to acquire the first of the Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades, you’ll need to reach Act 2. You’ll know you’re at the right point as you will encounter an old train tunnel after entering the gate in the Skiff. Head into the tunnel and defeat the Carrier inside which will initiate a secondary quest. Carry on through Act 2 Chapter 4 until you come across the Old Derrick Sites. Each of these locations will contain the collectables required, obtain all three and the Flash Freeze upgrade is all yours.

Gears-5 Jack-ultimate-upgrades-flash-freeze

Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades: Shock Trap – Seeker

Next on our Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades list is the Shock Trap Seeker upgrade which allows shock bots to follow targets and extend twice the amount of damage. The Lost Outsiders Secondary mission needs to be completed to obtain this one. Check out our Lost Outsiders Locations guide which details all of the steps required. Once you’ve completed the mission steps the upgrade will appear.


Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades: Hijack – Detonator Implant

Third on our list is the Hijack detonator Implant upgrade, which ensures enemies explode once they are hijacked. You can obtain this upgrade in Act 3 by obtaining three different collectables in the Scavengers side-quest. To be successful, you’ll need to speak to the various NPCs to aid their teams in the desert. Assist the team across three locations which include the Shipwreck, the City Ruins and the Artillery Battery location. Grab all the required collectables to spawn the upgrade.


Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades: Pulse –  Marked for Death

The fourth entry to our Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades guide is Marked for Death upgrade to the core Pulse ability. The upgrade will deal an additional 20% damage to enemies when the skill is used. This one is quite simple; head to Act 3 Chapter 2 and interact with the Condor sites to receive the upgrade.


Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades: Stim – Brawler

The Brawler upgrade for Jack’s Stim ability will deal three times the amount of damage of the core Stim skill while Brawler is equipped. Similar to the previous upgrade, the Brawler upgrade can be obtained in Act 2 Chapter 3 by investigating the downed Condor Aircraft.


Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades: Cloak – Slayer

Next up on our Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades list is the Slayer upgrade for the Cloak skill. When equipped, the Cloak upgrade allows you to shoot at the same time as remaining cloaked for a longer duration. The Slayer upgrade is obtainable in Act 3 by completing the waterworks side-quest. As per the previous upgrades, you’ll need to visit three locations but this time will need to turn the water on. Turn the water on at The Pump, the Harbour and the Water Tower to obtain an electrical part. Slayer will be unlocked once you collect all three.


Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades: Barrier – Deadly Overload

The final entry for Jack’s upgrade is the Barrier upgrade: Deadly Overload. This upgrade initiates when jack’s Barrier expires, and it explodes in an outward direction dealing damage to nearby enemies. Obtain the last of the Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades in Chapter 4 Act 1 at a wrecked bar when you defeat a Swarmak, once you do you’ll find the upgrade to the right-hand side behind the bar.


Congratulations! You’ve now found all of the Gears 5 Jack ultimate upgrades.

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