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Red Dead Redemption 2 Glitch Makes Players £10,000+ In Gold Bars

Red Dead Redemption 2 glitch

Red Dead Redemption 2 glitch

Since its launch a couple of weeks ago, Red Dead Redemption 2 has received almost perfect scores for the majority of reviews its received, and its not surprising with how much has gone into making the game a success. The game is pretty huge to say the very least, and many players have been trying to discover in-game cheats and now emerging that there’s a Red Dead Redemption 2 glitch.

It’s all about the moolah

At the launch of the game, various different cheats were revealed, tested and working, but now a Red Dead redemption 2 glitch has been discovered and hugely exploited.

Current players will know that cash payouts are a little on the thin side at best, so discovering a glitch that pays out mass sums of money is a fairly big deal.

Not a fool-proof glitch

Many players have reported being able to add up to £12,000 to their in-game funds at a very successive rate, however Gamesradar has stated that the success of the Red Dead Redemption 2 glitch can vary. If you can pull this off you’ll be able to sell a ton of time having to sell horses, items, and/or rob people.

Players have already picked up on the loopholes in relation to gold bars, with one of the more recent finds at the cremated sheriff’s hub in Limpany – this is located north of Flatneck station.

Here’s how to pull it off

In order to try and make this glitch work, the first thing you’ll want to do is disable your game’s autosave feature, as well as ensuring you have no wanted bounties on your head as this stops the story from being able to save.

You’ll now want to head over to the crispy burnt sheriff’s hut (as mentioned above) and head inside, once inside open up the loot box located behind the desk to find one chunky gold bar. Don’t pick this up! Once Arthur crouches down to take the gold bar, pause the game and complete a manual save, and then fresh load the save that you’ve just created.

On loading back up the gold bar should hopefully still be sitting in the loot box, with the gold you took previously being available in your satchel. If this works you’re going to be a rich bitch to say the least!

MagnuTS (a Reddit user) stated that your available inventory slots are capped to 30, meaning if you have 30 bars that’s going to mount up to 15,000 bucks. Enjoy!

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