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For the players out there that cannot get enough of their collectables, or the ones who like to look as epic as their weapons, you need the Division 2 masks for your collection. There are a total of twelve masks to collect and to obtain each one you’ll need to take down a high-level boss know as a Hunter. In order to track down a Hunter however you’ll need to solve a complex puzzle first of all. Once you collect each mask they’ll be put on display as a trophy in the White House. If this sounds like something your Agent needs, read on for our in-depth Division 2 masks guide, detailing what you need to know, how to obtain and where to find them.

Fortunately if you follow our Division 2 masks guide til the end this will also tie in well with our Division 2 Ivory Keys guide. Bu that we mean taking down the twelve Hunters will see you get eight Ivory Keys as a result – in addition to the masks of course. The Ivory Keys are used to crack open the chest that’s sealed tight in the White House, so continue with our Division 2 masks guide to start eliminating those Hunters!

First up what are the masks for?

Okay we’ll confess, the masks detailed in this Division 2 masks guide only have a cosmetic value, allowing you to equip the masks as a piece of clothing within the apparel area of your in-game menu. You’ll find a total of twelve masks by taking down the Hunters that follow in this guide, and without guidance you’re very unlikely to encounter these Hunters otherwise. A series of complex puzzles need to be completed before you see the Hunter spawn which is where we come in to help.

Collecting the masks

As we’ve already mentioned in our Division 2 masks guide to spawn a Hunter you need to complete a series of unusual tasks not normally seen in the game. Hunter aren’t a challenge for the faint-hearted, they’re going to put up a heck of a fight so there’s no point going near them til you’re level 30. You won’t see them spawn unless you try at night, after a Hunter is eliminated you’ll see one of the corresponding masks drop, and in addition eight of the twelve will have an Ivory Key you can loot too.

Thanks to an abundance of feedback from the Division 2 community, we’ve put the following steps together to allow you to find what you’re looking for. Unless you know exactly where to look, and what to look out for, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get lucky in finding the masks – which is where our Division 2 masks guide comes in to collect all 12.

Obtaining the first mask

In order to crack on with finding the Division 2 masks you’ll first need to find the Demon Mask, which you can do by completing a side mission where you’ll have your very first Hunter encounter. To locate said side mission you’ll need to head to Downtown East and locate the Demolition Site control point. If you’ve already done this one then you can skip this step, but the likelihood is you saw the Hunter electrocute you and leave. You may not have even realised he had the Demon Mask, which is located in the same structure.

You’ll want to head down to the atrium, look in an Eastern direction and you’ll see four windows each with a target. Pop some bullets in each from top to bottom and the Hunter will appear in front of you, take him down and he’ll drop the Demon Mask.

Grabbing the Ghoul Mask

Next up in our Division 2 masks guide is the Ghoul Mask. The second area you need to go to is Henry Bacon Dr NW within West Potomac Park. Down the street you’ll see three entrances that lead below ground grouped together, you need to make for the Southern underground entrance and head in a Northern direction to an area that has an Echo inside.You should see a laptop with a hefty map above it, and press the interact button and the map will illuminate, this brings up an area with an X (which is where we’re going next).

Head to the area shown, for reference you’ll be on the money if you head around the Washington Monument/Lincoln Memorial location. Once you arrive look for a shipping crate that has a shelter just above it. See that light bulb? Pack a bullet into it and a Hunter will spawn, take him down to obtain the Ghoul Mask.

The Crimson Mask is next

Head back to the area in Downtown East where you found the first mask, once you’re here find the stronghold and check your map for a large building just South of this, you need to head to the Courtyard area.

You’re looking for a radio atop a desk which is in the South area of the structure, press your interact button and then make your way up North of the Courtyard quickly and hit the interaction with the phone. Turn around and you’ll see the Hunter appear in the centre of the courtyard. Take the brute down to get the Crimson Mask.

It’s time for the Wraith Mask

At this point in our Division 2 masks guide we’re looking for the Interstate 395 BN street, which if you head to the bottom-left corner of the map you’ll spot it on your map screen. Now find the flag being held by the memorial and pop a cap in the left-hand side light you’ll see which puts all the lights out for the memorial.

Get out of the water and shuffle behind the flag and then ping a memorial salute when you’re ready. Guess what? Another hunter wants to kill you! Take him down to grab the Wraith Mask. if the salute doesn’t work in spawning him, move around and salute from a different angle.

And now for the Spectre Mask

The Spectre Mask was one of the harder riddles to solve in our Division 2 masks guide. To get this next one make your way to the Department of Agriculture structure, if you’ve made it to the endgame you should see this building as being contaminated.

Head to the building and you’ll see a lorry that’s crashed, perch on top and use a rifle or a pistol to pop bullets in the windows in sequential order, bottom first from left to right and then the circled ones at the top . Don’t miss as this will break the cycle and you’ll see another Hunter appear on the ground towards the right. Make every shot at the windows count, missing one will cause the Hunter to stay hidden and you’ll have to logout of the game, back in and re-visit the next night time.

The Revenant and Midas Masks, wait two Hunters!?

To grab these next masks you’ll want to assemble a team, you’ll have a fight on your hands fighting two Hunters at once to grab these next masks. Make sure to finish the mission for the Potomac Event Centre and look for a swimming pool in the West End area over on the West side of the location.

To spawn the two hunters you’ll need to head to the centre of the swimming pool, next make use of your jumping jacks emote. Both Hunters will appear, if they don’t it’ll be because you’ve not completed the nearby mission.

We’ve got a Ghost Mask next

We’re almost there with our Division 2 masks guide! You’ll need to take over the control point for the Washington Monument, make your way into the structure and use the ropes to get down and find the back of the basement where a monitor lies. Similar to the above laptop interaction, do the same and and magnified map will pop up of the area nearby, with three circles which highlight the graves of three agents.

Pretty easy, head to the graves at night and salute at each one, ensuring you’re looking in the Washington Monument direction. A jolt of electricity should send your UI fuzzy, and once finished make for the Washington Monument again.

Head back to where you found the monitor and interact, this time an amber circle will appear. Go back outside the building and an amber circle will appear on the floor. Just jump inside the circle, wait and the next Hunter will spawn. Take care of him and another mask, along with an ivory key should drop.

The most difficult – the Cross, Death, Diamond and Phantom Masks

We’ve saved the most challenging of our Division 2 masks guide for last. As you might have guessed this one will require killing four Hunters who all spawn at once. Please make sure you have a team for this one, you’re going to need it! Head to the East Mall area control point called sinkhole, then just North will be a water node near a coffee shop.

Look for a lever nearby next to the counter and interact with it before heading outside and running around the Christmas tree 2 or 3 times.Four Hunters will spawn, enjoy this one Agent, it ain’t gonna be easy!

If you’ve done all of the above as part of our Division 2 masks guide you should now have all twelve masks in addition to all eight of the Ivory keys. Congratulations, you’ve certainly earned it!

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