How to Become Better at Attacking in FIFA 21

By Arqam Cheema
FIFA 21 soccer players going after the ball

Even if you are a skillful FIFA player with loads of tricks up your sleeve and good defense, it doesn’t mean the goal will score by itself. You can only win the game if you put the ball through the net, and it requires you to be a decent attacker.

FIFA incorporates the real-world elements of football within its gameplay online. It implies that you can follow the examples of real-life football players and implement them into your gameplay. Here are some of the most crucial tips that will make your attacking capabilities much better and effective.

Improve your Passing

Regardless of the sport, it is crucial to spend time perfecting the basics before anything else. When it comes to FIFA, holding onto the ball is the most challenging thing to do. It might seem like a pointless and boring training session, but believe or not, It is the first step towards becoming a better player at the game.

It is the same as in real life, where you can make the most impact when you have the ball on you. You may impress others by showing off cool skill moves and flicks, but nothing compares to the thrill that comes from playing one-touch and paving your path between the opponents leading straight to the goal.

Avoid Through-ball in Penalty Area

FIFA 21 player about to slide and steal the ball

The satisfaction from breaking the lines by making a pass in your player’s strike zone and sealing the deal with a goal is incomparable to anything else. However, you will ruin the beauty of through-ball if you habitually use it in the final third. There are some cases where it is valid, but most of the time, there is hardly any room to breathe in that 18-yard box.

Instead of wasting your efforts by attacking, the safest approach should be to pass. You need to understand the concept that through-balls are for creating space, and making a pass will result in better precision.

Focus More on Hold-up Play

Modern-day strikers can be classified into two types: the one who charges through the defender and the other who holds the ball to make their team become online. It is crucial to develop a habit of hold-up play because almost nothing is more important than defending the ball after receiving it. The striker plays a major role in the build-up, so have someone with buffed strength or simply configure the formation so that a runner is close by to play the ball immediately after the striker receives it.

Player Formation is Critical

FIFA 21 Early Game Formation

It is extremely important to have a balanced lineup in FIFA 21. Your players must have the potential to coordinate effectively with the rest of the team. Although it is crucial to have good attackers, more attackers do not lead to more goals. It’s not how FIFA works and even real-life football.

You must understand how your players will perform under an attacking scenario. A balanced lineup of aggressive midfielders and defender with buffed finishing skills can increase your chances of scoring more goals.

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