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Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players guide


It’s no secret that the Fifa Ultimate Team transfer market is continuously changing, and to make things even more interesting (or confusing) we’re now being introduced to Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players.

Standard cards in Ultimate Team are pretty average now, but the live version of these cards add some unique mechanics to the cards and the players we see in a match referred to as the Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players. During the summer a selection of players aged below thirty will have accrued significant market transfers, and this guide details how each players’ form has changed during their career and how Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players work.

What are Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players?

In a nutshell, Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players adjust based on the form of that particular Ultimate Team card. Let’s imagine De Jong increases his stats to 89 due to obtaining a Team of the Week card, Man of the Match, a Hero card or any of the other options placing him at an overall 89 then his Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players card will stick to the higher rating for good. That means no matter how he performs after that the score won’t ever decrease.

If you’re unlucky then the Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players cards can be a hefty investment, if luck is on your side, then the cards are a worthwhile investment. If the player card you’ve obtained has some impressive form in his matches, then that will be the first time you see any improvement to his stats.

Keep a close eye on the Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players in-form version of the card is the overall stats are based on these factors. Let’s suppose Hazard’s in-form card increases from 91 to 93 his card will then be rated 93. If he then goes a step further in Team of the Week and rises to 95 then his retrospective Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players increases to 95.

Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players cards will be updated every time an in-form card is revealed or the Team of the Week is announced, seeing the OTW stats increasing. During the limited-time period, the Ones To Watch players will overwrite the standard version of a player card. If you pick up a Lukaku during the release period, it will always be a One to Watch card.



Once a player sets his Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players rating it will never decrease, the entire season will see that player keep the increased stat. On the other hand, if further down the line they do even better then it’ll mean their stats increase even more.

No matter which packs you get in Fifa Ultimate Team there’s a chance that Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players could appear. Gifts, packs bought with coins and free packs could contain a OTW card, assuming there are players inside the pack that is!

Ones to Watch ratings are updated immediately – As soon as the new Team of the Week or other in-form card is available, the Ones to Watch card will increase.
Ones to Watch replace their standard versions during the release period – while they’re available in packs, Ones to Watch will replace any standard versions of the card. So you can’t pack a Romelu Lukaku that isn’t a One to Watch card in that first week.

When are OTW players available?

The Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players and retrospective cards became available when Fifa 20 launched on September 27th but are usually only available for a limited time. The first batch of cards offers a limited availability period of around two weeks. When this time runs out, the only way to grab Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players is via the ever-changing transfer market. In other words, getting any of these cards during the first two weeks would have been a worthwhile investment. The next batch of Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players aren’t set to arrive until the winter updates arrive in February 2020. If bets on the Ultimate Team transfer market that resemble that of fantasy-football floats your boat, then it’s worth getting the cards while you can.


Full list of Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players

Below we’ve put together an official list of the entire Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players. If you’ve already checked out the Ultimate Team chemistry values then having the list of 23 players will help massively with team building.

  • Eden Hazard – Real Madrid
  • Antoine Griezmann – FC Barcelona
  • Philippe Coutinho – Bayern München
  • Frenkie de Jong – FC Barcelona
  • Mauro Icardi – Paris Saint-Germain
  • Romelu Lukaku – Inter
  • Rodri – Manchester City
  • Matthijs de Ligt – Piemonte Calcio (Juventus)
  • Lucas Hernández – Bayern München
  • Aaron Wan-Bissaka – Crystal palace
  • Julian Brandt – Borussia Dortmund
  • Luka Jović – Real Madrid
  • Nicolas Pépé – Arsenal
  • Pablo Sarabia – Paris Saint-Germain
  • Sébastian Haller – West Ham United
  • Wissam Ben Yedder – AS Monaco
  • Harry Maguire – Manchester United
  • Thorgan Hazard – Borussia Dortmund
  • Hirving Lozano – Napoli
  • João Félix – Atlético Madrid
  • Nicolò Barella – Inter
  • Aaron Wan-Bissaka – Manchester United
  • Christian Pulisic – Chelsea
  • Joelinton – TSG 1899 Hoffenheim
  • Allan Saint-Maximin – Newcastle United
  • Tanguy Ndombele – Tottenham Hotspur

For the best selection for your team, you’d be wise to focus on a player that you believe is going to have an epic season. Felix for Atletico Madrid as an example started off the season with some excellent form, but it comes down to predicting who will have the hottest boots in-game. As an insider tip, it would be an excellent move to watch the OTW player values that are the only ones that play a specific position. Even though Wan-Bissaka isn’t likely to soar above other players to smash a better season, there’s every chance that his market value will increase dramatically.

What to expect from Ones to watch

In addition to obtaining and watching those player stats soar there are also a variety of packs and rewards available to the players that manage to complete a series of themed objectives. Achieving various Squad Building Challenges will also result in obtaining special Ones to Watch cards, as well as items specifically for Ones to Watch players. The themes of the Ones to Watch challenges will likely change throughout the year, so players won’t ever have time to feel like they’ve completed everything.

Vote for the final One To Watch player

There is still one more among the Fifa 20 Ones to Watch players coming, and the guys at Fifa are leaving this for you to decide on. Head over to the Fifa Ultimate Team app or use the in-game voting option to select between the following three players:

  • Allan Saint-Maximin – Newcastle United
  • Éder Militão – Real Madrid
  • Patrick Cutrone – Wolverhampton Wanderers

Once the new player is confirmed, we will keep this guide updated, so you have all of the latest info. 

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