Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker guide

Our Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker guide is here to walk you through the first Tall Tales quest as part of the Sea of thieves Anniversary update. Should you wish to get a full completion rate, we’ve also detailed the steps to complete the Mercia’s Lost Memories challenge. As detailed in the Anniversary trailer, this first quest is part of the more in-depth story mode added to the game.

In a nutshell the Shores of gold story has pirates on the hunt for the mysterious island that’s hidden in the Devil’s Shroud area of the map. Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker is the very first of several quests which any player can attempt regardless of rank. Our Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker guide is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to follow which will ensure you tick all boxes to obtain the voyage commendations and the campaign cosmetics.

Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker voyage – how to begin

In order to initiate the Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker voyage you need to head into a tavern on one of the many outposts (where you’ll start out in a fresh game), and find the Mysterious Stranger inside. Next to them will be a book where you will vote for the voyage. Cast your vote to begin the Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker quest and you’ll receive a map in your right-item wheel (where maps usually reside).

Prior to leaving the tavern it’s worth listening to the wise words of the mysterious stranger. You will hear all about the Devil’s Shroud being home to a mysterious island, info an the Shroud Breaker artefact, in addition to the Magpie’s wing Wreck – a vessel that went searching for the artefact and vanished. Once they’re finished babbling, leave the area and head for your ship.

Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker – set your location

At this point you’ll want to set co-ordinates to locate the Magpie’s Wing, which if you open the book you received will explain it’s location is somewhere between the Crooked Masts and Crook’s Hollow. It’s not the wreckage we’re interested in though, when we get there it’s the Ship’s Log Book we need to be looking for.

Pinpoint the area of N13 on your map which is between the two islands mentioned above, then make your way across the sea to this area. You’ll come across an uncharted island, and in the Northern area is where what’s left of the Magpie’s Wing will be located.

You’ll need to swim down and find the Captain’s Quarters to find the Ship’s Log. This will place additional pages into your book.

Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker – finding the chest

This bit of the Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker might seem confusing, but all the new pages show is where the ship went in it’s remaining days. You need to use this as a guide to backtrack where it went. Fortunately you won’t need to visit every location on the list, simply follow the patch as it’s depicted in the book. This point now is random for every pirate, so where it states they dumped a chest somewhere off the coast of an island, so the final point in your book will be the one you need.

Make your way to the island detailed on your map and then dive beneath the water while following the book directions (so it could be North of the island for some, South for others). You’ll know you’re at the right point as you will see something shimmering in the water, dive down to it to recover the aforementioned chest. Pick up the chest and return it to your ship, you’ll get a totem as a rewards and some new pages will be added to your book. DO NOT lose the totem, best to store it below deck as losing it will mean restarting the entire voyage. The steps that follow will differ as they are dependent on the totem collected.

Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker – locate the secret chamber

Next up you need to check your book once again, and within the new page you’ll see what looks like the outline of an island with some other shapes and symbols. Head down and check out the map on your ship to see which island the book is directing to by finding the corresponding shaped island. Sail to this island for the next steps.

As mentioned, the island you require will depend on the totem you have, the following is a list of possible locations to help you identify the right island:

  • Shark Totem – Kraken’s Fall
  • Crab Totem – The uncharted island at N13
  • Scarab Totem – Crook’s Hollow
  • Boar Totem – Devil’s Ridge
  • Snake Totem – Mermaid’s Hideaway
  • Moon Totem – Crescent Isle

After you’ve found the right island and sailed across, the next step is to locate where the totem needs to be set down. To hunt this location you’ll need to find a painted area with the symbol on your totem – so for us having the Scarab Totem we found a caved area with the Scarab painted on a rock. Next to this there’ll be a slot, place the totem to reveal a passage which leads to another room.

Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker – solving the chamber puzzle

Once inside the secret room/chamber there’ll be a table in front of you surrounded by symbolic totem poles that line the walls, and more importantly four stone braziers. Whip your book out before doing anything and check out the final page that holds some symbols, three rows with four to be exact.

Take note of these symbols and then ignite the braziers, followed by turning each middle section from the totems that line the wall to match the rows in the book. Finish all of the rows/lines and then enter this into the centre table, and begin the next one as fast as you can.

Once the puzzle is solved you will be rewarded with water that floods the chamber, so speed is of the essence here. Complete the sequences and the water will drop and the door will open.

Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker – locate the medallions

Before heading back out of the chamber, you’ll see the middle table front has three empty space, which look like they could fit some medallions.

If you look into the top of the table you’ll see a hologram-type image appear, this gives a hint as to where the first medallion is situated. For every medallion search, the image projected usually displays two different trail hints. It may be worth taking a screen-shot/photo of the image to use as a reference – we found each of these quite simply but the larger islands could be more tricky.

As per the hint on the table, head to that spot on the island and start digging, if you hit the spot you’ll uncover a medallion and you’ll be greeted by some new-looking skellies.

Wipe them out and track back to the chamber table for the next medallion hint, this won’t appear until the medallion of the previous clue is placed. Obtain and place all three medallions and a door will pop open to reward you with the Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker for your troubles.

Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker – get moving!

Grab the Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker  and several waves of skeletons will emerge from the sand. It’s easier to run straight back to your ship as they seem to just keep coming. Sail to an outpost and talk to the mysterious stranger, hand over the Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker  and you’ll complete the quest.
The mysterious stranger explains something isn’t quite right, and to head to Plunder Outpost to see Madame Olivia for further details.
After the mysterious stranger finishes you should see a voyage completion prompt, the Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker commendation, and the Pirate’s Lord Hat will be rewarded. In order to acquire the Magpie’s Wing cosmetic, the voyage requires you to complete it five times which will unlock the Mercia’s Lost Memories commendation and the Pirate Lord commendation.
Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker, now to unlock Mercia’s Lost Memories voyage
If you wish to take your pirating to the next level you’ll want to finish the Mercia’s Lost memories commendation. You can do this by interacting with journals scattered across five islands. Please note*** in order to attempt this commendation, the Sea of Thieves Shroud Breaker Tall Tale voyage needs to be your active quest.

We’ve taken some of the hard work out by explaining all five locations of the journals:

  • Thieves’ Haven – Inside a crate, in an abandoned hut on one of the beaches.
  • Ancient Spire Outpost – Climb the north spire of the Outpost. The book is in a cave in the middle of two burning dishes.
  • Plunder Outpost – Next to the Gold Hoarder’s tent.
  • (N13) uncharted island – On the north west beach.
  • Devil’s Ridge – Next to the north cannon on a cliff.
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