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Here’s how to get the Kifflom Shirt GTA Online unlock


Anyone who spends countless hours playing GTA Online will almost certainly have downloaded the After Dark DLC update. As well as some awesome new features such as building your empire in the nightclub industry, the update will allow players to obtain the Kifflom Shirt GTA Online unlock. For those unaware, this is pretty hard to get unless you follow the Easter Egg we’ve included in this article.

In order to obtain the Kifflom Shirt GTA Online unlock players need to drink themselves silly until they’re out for the count, resulting in waking up in some unsual areas. GTA V‘s Trevor was a dab hand at getting pissed and not knowing where the heck he was when he woke up, so this isn’t completely new territory for any GTA player. Chance genuinely comes into whether you get the Kifflom Shirt GTA Online unlock or not, but our guide is here to narrow down your chances by explaining all the steps required.

The Kifflom Shirt GTA Online unlock explained

Before we begin you will need to ensure you’ve updated the game to include the After Hours expansion, and assuming you do you will need to make your way to one of the various night clubs available. After you enter you will need to head to the bar area where you are given the chance to purchase a drink, of which will include the very expensive Diamond Champagne at a cost of $150,000. Pisswasser on the other hand is only 5 bucks, but unlike the former you don’t get to be fancy and spray the bottle everywhere like you’ve just won the lottery. For the Kifflom Shirt GTA Online unlock though, we’re not worried about that. The third option is the Macbeth Whiskey setting you back $350, or if you own the club you get the drink for free. Read on and you might want to think about the latter option…

You may encounter a message stating the whiskey is ‘out of stock’, at which point you will need to head to another club as it means the one you were at didn’t meet the popularity requirements. If the club you’re in is your own then it would be worthwhile visiting your office computer to initiate some promotion mission for your nightclub in order to increase the level of popularity.

When you do finally get to the point of grabbing a shot of Macbeth you’ll realise what you’ve just paid for, as you’ll instantly hit the deck and pass out. When you come to your sesnes you’ll be in a different location, it could be any area of Los Santos or something as simnple as the club toilets. In order to get the Kifflom Shirt GTA Online unlock the random location you want to end up in is in Rockford Hills at the peak of the Epsilon Building which is where the item will appear.

Should you not appear in the right location the first time you’ll need to head back to the club and down another shot of Macbeth – then hopefully be awoken in the right place. There have been reports of players trying in excess of an hour, several shots but not appearing in the right location.

By no means is the Kifflom Shirt GTA Online unlock Easter Egg fool-proof, if you don’t get transported to the right place on a few attempts then it’d be worth waiting a while then retrying.


After you are successful in getting the Kifflom Shirt GTA Online unlock you will be able to try it on for sizeĀ  at one of the various clothing stores, or alternatively from your wardrobe under the Tops tab of the clothing selection. Did you know that you can buy the exact same Kifflom Shirt in real life from Rockstar? Pretty cool huh!? Would it be a bad idea rocking the shirt in-game and in real life? I think not.

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