How You Could Play League of Legends: A Complete Beginners Guide

league of legends

If you are into online gaming, you must have heard about the League of Legends. L.O.L. is a battle arena type massive online game. It has an average daily player of 8 million players. So, if a lot of your friends are playing this game, do not be surprised.

L.O.L. has been defining the massive online battle arena or M.O.B.A. genre since it came out, competing closely with it’s rival, and it’s primary inspiration Defense of The Ancients or D.O.T.A. as it’s more popularly known.

L.O.L. is free to play, which is one of the main reasons for its wide fanbase. Most of the profit is accrued through in-game purchases. But as a player, if you are minimalist and just want to enjoy the online gaming experience, you can play it for free as long as you want. 

In this article, we are going to help you to get started with L.O.L. from the start.

Setting up League of legends

First, you have to set up the game correctly for playing. As it is an online game, the setup process is slightly different from most other games.

Firstly, you need to identify your location. Depending on your location, you can choose to play using the central L.O.L. server or play using Garena servers from South and South-East Asia. 

Upon choosing your server, you will have to open your account on the server, using your email and other relevant information. After email confirmation, you can directly download the client and the game and start playing. If you do not want to go through the hassle or are more aware of L.O.L.’s ways and enjoy a more challenging experience, you can check out aussyelo for aged accounts.

Once you have downloaded and installed the game, you will have to log in using the signup information. In this process, you will have to choose your summoner name. Carefully choose this part, as everyone in the game will see you by this name and will have to search for you using this name. Do not select something tough to pronounce. You will find a lot of names already in use. You can use a simple trick here- repeat a letter of the name you want to use, without distorting much, it will allow you to keep your favourite summoner name.

Playing the game

After choosing your name handle and all the mandatory information, you can now focus on playing the game finally.

First, start by playing the tutorial matches offered by L.O.L. This is a must if you want to know the game. The tutorials, for the most part, covers everything you need to know about gameplay and maps.

When you are done with the tutorial, now you are ready to enter the world of L.O.L. But before you start playing P.V.P., we would suggest you try some games with the bots first. Go to the Co-op vs A.I. mode and start from the beginner level.

Once you find beginner-level very easy, you can start to play an intermediate level. This part is crucial, as these games will grant you rewards that you can use to buy champions later. It is also essential that you learn the game at this stage, because P.V.P. is unforgiving, unlike the A.I.

Once you have had enough of bot matches, you can start to play P.V.P. matches. You will, of course, have to start using the all pick mode. This part is the unranked newbie segment of the game. 

But beware, by no means, take the players in this level for granted, especially if you are just starting. Many pro players play all pick to practice new champs or get better at their current playing champions. Moreover, players are playing all segments for a long time to master the game. If you underestimate these players, you won’t be able to win the match.

In P.V.P., you will have to take every match as a challenge. Due to Riot’s matchmaking system, you might get an easy opponent in your first match of the day, but later, you will face better players. Moreover, as you get better at it, the game algorithm will match you with better players.

All pick matches are significant because you get shards at the end of each game, in Pick and A.I. matches. But in all, the rewards are higher. These shards are later on used to buy champions. If you get 20 or more champions, you can play in the ultimate L.O.L. gaming mode ranked games.

Ranked games are for pro players. You might get some leeway at the low levels if you properly play the all pick mode. Most players attempt to play the ranked without gaining much experience from the previous modes mentioned in the first, bronze level.

But as you level up in the game, you will find opponents harder and harder. You will need to learn better techniques and the best ways to play your champion to get better ranks. In every rank, you have to play many times better than the previous rank to get over. 

The worst parts are rank demotions. You might be demoted from a rank if you play bad and lose match after match. Of course, it could be your bad luck that you are placed with a lousy team, and despite playing well, your team lost. But you still need to give your best here. If you feel like you cannot do well by levelling up, you can pause playing ranked and play all pick games to get better.

Inside each game, you have to play using proper techniques. At the heart of each game is farming. Even if you lose some early, trade if you have enough farm and buy the right items, you can turn the game around later. Your minimap is your bible in the game. Learn to ping properly. If you are a jungler or ahead in your lane, try to gank as much as possible.

So, this is how you can start playing L.O.L. Remember, it’s a progression; there’s a learning curve to this. If you go through the levels correctly, you will have it easy. 

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