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How do Pokemon Go community days work?

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If you’ve been playing Pokemon Go for a while now, you’ll know that the game is far from dead in the water. Niantic and the Pokemon Company are continually adding new content for its player base, and one area that’s keeping players interested in Pokemon Go community days. If you’re a new player to the game or haven’t participated in a community day before, you’ll want to know how Pokemon Go community days work. This post explains everything you need to know.

Pokemon Go community days have a three-hour duration once each month to put players together to tackle raids and catch new Pokemon collectively. Each community day has a focus on a special pokemon with a unique move and provides incentives such as bonus Stardust, additional experience points (XP), speedier egg hatching and lure items that have extended-lasting effects. 

How to get involved with Pokemon Go community days

If you’re already playing Pokemon Go, filling your Pokedex and joining in with raids, the best way to get involved with pokemon Go community day is to ensure you’re free on the day! Community day is celebrated with friends, but its also just as enjoyable playing solo. Not only that but if the weather holds up, it’s also a chance to have a great day out of the house!

The guys over at Pokemon state that:

”Pokémon GO Community Day is an opportunity for Trainers around the world to meet up at their local parks to make new friends and experience what it means to be a part of this special community.

Once a month, we’ll host a Pokémon GO Community Day event starring a special Pokémon, which will frequently appear around the world for just a few hours. When caught during the game, this special Pokémon will know an exclusive move. Other bonuses will be in effect during the event, such as increased XP or Stardust, and Lure Modules activated during the event will last for three hours.

We’re constantly blown away by the passion of Pokémon GO players around the world, and we hope that each Pokémon GO Community Day will help add to the excitement of local events and meetups. Remember always to be alert and stay safe while playing and to be respectful of public spaces when exploring your community. Stay tuned to our social media channels and check out the Pokémon GO Community Day event page each month to learn about that month’s featured Pokémon, exclusive bonuses, and event times.”

It’s all part of Pokémon Go’s ongoing efforts to encourage players to get out, discover new places, and meet new people.

When is the next Pokemon community days?

The next Pokemon Go community day happens on October 12th 2019, and this date marks the start of when you can catch a special Pokemon with some unique moves. Before the community event, you might find that the spotlight Pokemon has some basic moves, but during the game, that same Pokemon will have a unique move that was previously unobtainable. Pokemon Go community day is all about Pokemon, and you might even meet some new trainers on your journey too!

To catch the Pokemon and get the event-only move, a TM or charged TM is not the way to do it. The only way to get the Pokemon with the special move is by catching it on community day.

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October 2019 community event highlights

  • The most common Pokemon to appear in the wild will be Trapinch, great if you’re still completing your Pokedex!
  • During the limited-time event, there’ll be additional Special field Research tasks added which will have ties with Trapinch and its evolved states
  • Lures have a longer-lasting duration of three hours
  • XP gained from catching to get a boosted three times the average amount
  • Throughout the October community day, trainers have the opportunity to find a Trapinch in a shiny variant. With this being the first time Trapinch has appeared in a shiny form, it also means they’ll appear more than any other shiny Pokemon.
  • Obtain a 2KM egg from a Poikestop on community day, and Trapinch may well hatch from the egg.
  • Evolve Trapinch into Flygon on Pokemon Go community day and benefit from a one-off move that’s yet to be revealed!

What time does the Pokemon Go community days start?

When October 12th arrives, the monthly Pokemon Go community day will begin simultaneously globally, running from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. In other words, this is 11 am local, wherever you are in the world.

How to prepare for Pokemon Go Community Days

If the event sounds like something you’ll be joining in with then, it’s worth knowing how to prepare for a pokemon Go community day. Whether your Pokedex is almost full or you’re waiting on a few missing entries, this day will be the one to catch a LOT of Pokemon. Make use of the Lures which last three hours, track down an area where there are pokeStops bunched together or not too far from one another and then make use of your Lure Module. Place a Lure in one of the stops, and if you don’t have far to walk head to another and do the same. Delve between each stop to encounter masses of Pokemon as well as keeping your berries and Pokeballs topped up each time you spin a stop.

Ahead of the event starts, it would be wise to stock up and Ultra or Great Balls, and plenty of berries. Collect Pinap berries ahead of the event as the candies you receive from each catch will also be increased, and with the amount of pokemon, you’ll catch its undoubtedly worthwhile. By collecting more candies, this will give you a better chance of some evolutions following the event, as well as powering up Trapinch if you catch one. It may only be three hours long, but that’s a ton of time when Poke Balls are concerned, so have a stockpile at the ready to ensure you don’t run out!

We’re always trying to cross Field Research Tasks off the list, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the ones you need to complete. Aside from your average Field Research Tasks, the Pokemon Go Community Day will provide some time-sensitive tasks that you’ll also want to complete for some great rewards. With previous Pokemon Go Community Days its often been the case that the Field Research tasks have centred around the particular pokemon that’s in the spotlight for the event. A Research Task could involve catching a number of the same Pokemon on community day, evolving a number of the featured Pokemon, or powering the Pokemon up a specified number of times.

There are a number of different Lures available in Pokemon Go; these include Magnetic Lure Modules, Mossy Lure Modules and Glacier lure Modules. Community Day would be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the various Lure Modules, and depending on what the featured Pokemon is you might want to plan to select which Lure will have the best chances of attracting that Pokemon. You’ll need to fork out 200 PokeCoins to purchase the specialised Lures, so ensure you know which will have the best effects instead of buying a Lure you might not necessarily need.

List of upcoming community days 2019

Other than the community day happening on October 12th 2019, there is a list of Pokemon Go community days happening for the remainder of 2019. The next community day that follows October is on November 16th 2019, happening between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm around the world. Nothing has been confirmed yet as to which Pokemon will be in the spotlight for the November event, but we’ll keep this guide updated when more news is revealed.

Closer to Christmas there is another pokemon Go community day taking place on December 14th 2019, and there’ll be an extra community day on December 15th 2019. Each of the two days will have a start time of 11:00 am and will finish at 14:00 local time. Although it’s not been confirmed, the chances are that every Pokemon from the community days in 2019 will be featured across the two days.

Every Pokemon Go community day, and what each has offered

There have been several pokemon Go community days since they were first introduced into Pokemon Go, each offering a different featured Pokemon and bonuses to go with it. We’ve listed the most recent community day back to the very first community event.

#21 September 15, 2019: Pokemon Go Community Days

One of the more recent events had Turtwig as the special catch of the day. You might have seen shiny variants of Torterra, Turtwig’s evolved state which had Frenzy Plant as its unique move. Three-hour Lures are pretty standard, but you’d also benefit from three times as much Stardust when catching wild Pokemon.

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#20 August 3, 2019: Pokémon Go Community Day

August’s special pokemon was Ralts, which owned the special move of Synchronize. Evolving Ralts into Gardevoir or Gallade would also benefit from the move. Again with the three-hour Lure Modules, but with the bonus of an extra 25% egg hatching distance.

Image credit: Pokemon Go Fandom

#19 July 21st, 2019: Pokémon Go Community Day

Mudkip stole the spotlight in July, with Hydro Cannon being the specialised move. The evolved form is Swampert. Three-hour Lure Module duration and a bonus of three times as much catching XP.

Image credit: Pokemon Go Fandom

#18 June 8th, 2019: Pokémon Go Community Day

In June we saw Slakoth being featured and having learnt the Body Slam move, Slaking was an epic evolution. Three-hour Lure duration and a quarter of the hatching distance applied for eggs.

Image credit: Pokemon Go Fandom

#17 May 19th, 2019: Pokémon Go Community Day

A Torchic owning Blast Burn as a special move before evolving into Blazeiken proved unstoppable in May. Three hour Lures with a limited three times the amount of Stardust provided for each catch.

#16 April 13th, 2019: Pokémon Go Community Day

Bagon is up next featuring the unique move of Outrage, which would be carried over to its Salamence evolution. Three-hour Lures and triple XP for captures applied.

#15 March 23, 2019: Pokémon Go Community Day

In March we got a chance to catch a Treeko with the Frenzy Plant move, to evolve into the much stronger Sceptile Three-hour Lures and 25% egg-hatching distance was applied.

#14 February 16, 2019: Pokémon Go Community Day

Just in time for Valentines Day was Swinub boasting Ancient Power as its special move, with the possibility of a Mamoswine evolution. Added bonuses from trainer battles, three-hour Lures, confirmed Sinnoh Stone bonuses and triple Stardust applied.

#13 January 12th, 2019: Pokémon Go Community Day

The water-type starter Tododile was starred in March owning Hydro Pump, pretty powerful when used with its evolution of Feraligatr. Three-hour Lures and 25% hatch distance was available.

#12 November 30 – December 3rd: Pokemon Go Community Weekend

At the end of 2018, the entire roster of Pokemon Community Day Pokemon was available to catch for the whole weekend. Double catch Stardust bonuses applied for a limited time, double hatching speed, double XP and three-hour Lure durations.

#11 November 10, 2018: Pokémon Go Community Day

November put the spotlight on the fiery starter Cyndaquil with Blast Burn as the special move, Typhloshion was easily obtainable. Double Stardust and double XP were also bonuses.

Image credit: Pokemon Go Fandom

#10 October 22, 2018: Pokémon Go Community Day

A Beldum evolving into Metagross boasting the Meteor Mash move came in October, with a quarter hatch distance applying.

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#9 September 22, 2018: Pokémon Go Community Day

the grass-type starter Chikorita arrived in September, evolving into Meganium with each owning the Frenzy Plant special move. Triple catch XP was in place.

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#8 August 11 & 12, 2018: Pokémon Go Community Day

An Eevee having the Last Resort move was the attraction in August, with triple catch Stardust readily available.

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#7 July 8, 2018: Pokemon Go Community Day

In July we saw one of the very first Pokemon Squirtle making its debut with Hydro Cannon as its special move, with its third evolution being Blastoise. A quarter hatching distance with Squirtle sunglasses were the bonuses.

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#6 June 16, 2018, Pokémon Go Community Day

June’s spotlight catch was Larvitar owning the Smackdown move, and being able to evolve to Tyranitar. Triple catch XP was available.

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#5 May 19, 2018, Pokémon Go Community Day

Another of the first Pokemon available was the cute but fiery Charmander, which had the Blast Burn move Charizard could obliterate grass-types with. Triple catch Stardust applied.

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#4 April 15, 2018, Pokémon Go Community Day

April featured Mareep owning Dragon Pulse to evolve into the stronger form of Ampharos. A quarter hatching distance was the bonus.

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#3 March 15, 2018, Pokémon Go Community Day

The Gen 1 grass pokemon Bulbasaur featured at number three, having the special move Frenzy Plant to evolve into the might Venasaur. Three-hour Lures and triple catching XP was available.

Image credit: Pokemon Go Fandom

#2 February 24, 2018, Pokémon Go Community Day

The cute dragon Pokemon Dratini was in the spotlight in February with the ability to learn Draco Meteor and evolve into Dragonite. Three-hour Lures were in place with triple catch Stardust.

Image credit: Pokemon Go Fandom

#1 January 20, 2018, Pokémon Go Community Day

The very first Pokemon Go Community Day featured the adorable yellow mouse Pokemon Pikachu, with the surf special move. A three-hour lure applied in addition to triple XP for everything.


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