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How to unlock Death Stranding Fragile Jump fast travel

death stranding fragile jump

Much like any open-world game such as Red Dead Redemption 2 or Assasin’s Creed: Odyssey, the Death Stranding Fragile Jump is Death Stranding’s own version of fast travel. The question that’s leaving players baffled though is how to unlock fast travel in Death Stranding. This is where we come in with our handy guide which explains everything.

For starters, those wanting to unlock Death Stranding fast travel will need to unlock the Death Stranding Fragile Jump capability. Death Stranding fast travel can only be unlocked once players reach chapter 3, following a series of cinematic cutscenes which unlocks the Death Stranding Fragile Jump ability.

How to unlock the Death Stranding Fragile Jump ability (in detail)

If you’ve already started playing Death Stranding then you’ll already know how much travelling you need to do to get anywhere in the game. Unfortunately, before you can get anywhere near unlocking fast travel via the Death Stranding Fragile Jump ability, you’re going to have to do some grinding. There are certain limitations to the Death Stranding Fragile Jump ability, which you’ll notice soon after unlocking at the beginning of Chapter 3.

Assuming you’re at the start of Chapter 3, you will need to head via Port Knot City, taking the Eastern Region of the map in an effort to arrive in the Central area of the strange and confusing world of Death Stranding. It’s worth noting that hanging around in the Eastern Region in an attempt to get five stars across all the preppers isn’t worth it whatsoever, and you can go back to do them anyway so you can give these a raincheck for now. You’ll also have fast travel at your disposal when you return too!

Once you’ve made the hard trek to the Central Region you’ll notice a series of story content and some cutscenes that trigger. After watching everything you will receive a prompt to head to your private room to use (you guessed it) the Death Stranding Fragile Jump! Make your way down there and keep reading to find out how to use the Death Stranding fast travel system.

How to use the Death Stranding Fragile Jump fast travel system

Now that we’ve unlocked the Death Stranding Fragile Jump, each time you wish to fast travel you’ll first want to head to your private room. Once you’re there look around the room until you spot Fragile’s umbrella which will be hung on the wall. To open the fast travel menu, simply look at the umbrella and hit Square. You will be presented with a screen showing all the fast travel points you can go to.

As long as Sam has visited a location previously and it has its own private room, he’ll be able to fast travel. The added benefit of the Death Stranding Fragile Jump is you can fast travel to structures such as safe houses that other players have built across the map. If you know of a spot where there’s no private room then it’s worth considering to construct a safe house nearby.

Now that you’ve unlocked Death Stranding Fragile Jump and fast travel, you can head over to the Eastern Region to clear all of those remaining deliveries you still have!

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