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Apex Legends Attachments List

When fighting to the death in Respawn’s Apex Legends, the character class you choose will go hand in hand with the weapon and attachments you’re using. We’ve drawn up this Apex Legends attachments list which details all of the attachments we know about so far, along with which weapons they can be used with.

Up to four Apex legends attachments types

There are a decent variety of Apex legends attachments you will find trekking the map, these include using a scope, barrel, stock, optic, hop-ups or magazines.

It’s a no brainer that the better customised your weapon is, the higher your chance of landing that precision kill. The attachments in game not only provide a cool weapon upgrade, but also improve the efficiency of your weapon.

The fire rate, aim drift, reload time, recoil, accuracy and handling will be one of the minimum enhancements an attachment can provide, regardless of which weapon you’re using.

The rarity tiers go like this…

As you collect attachments you’ll find, much like other Battle Royale titles, that they follow a coloured tier system to define a weapons rarity. With Gold being the highest of Legendary rarity, Purple signifying Epic gear, Blue depicting Rare, with Grey being the most common.

Apex Legends attachments: Stock

When using a stock attachment, the idea is to reduce aim drafting while making handling for your weapon more stable. A stock attachment specifically can really help when you aim down your weapon sight by reducing the drifting effect.

Stock- Slightly Increased Handling

- Slightly Reduced Aim Drift
- Moderately Increased Handling

- Moderately Reduced Aim Drift
- Highly Increased Handling

- Highly Reduced Aim Drift
Sniper Stock- Slightly Increased Handling- Moderately Increased Handling- Highly Increased Handling

Apex Legends attachments: Magazines

The speed of reload, your ammo capacity, or rate of fire will improve with magazine attachments but will be weapon dependent.

Extended Magazine (Light)- Slightly Increased Ammo Capacity- Moderately Increased Ammo Capacity
- Slightly Increased Weapon Reload Speed
- Highly Increased Ammo Capacity
- Slightly Increased Weapon Reload Speed
Extended Magazine (Heavy)- Slightly Increased Ammo Capacity- Moderately Increased Ammo Capacity

- Slightly Increased Weapon Reload Speed
- Highly Increased Ammo Capacity

- Slightly Increased Weapon Reload Speed
Shotgun Bolt- Slightly Increased Fire Rate - Moderately Increased Fire Rate - Highly Increased Fire Rate

Apex Legends attachments: Barrels

Using barrel attachments will stabilise your weapon, and as a result will reduce the weapon recoil.

Barrels- Slightly Reduced Recoil - Moderately Reduced Recoil - Highly Reduced Recoil

Apex Legends attachments: Hop-ups

You’ll only be able to use Hop-Up attachments for a small number of weapons, if you find a compatible weapon though this attachment offers some fairly decent upgrades.

Hop-Up EnhancementTurbocharger - DevotionSelectfire Receiver - ProwlerSkullpiercer Rifling: Longbow/WingmanPrecision Choke - Peacekeeper / Triple Take
EffectReduced Spin-Up TimeSwitch Between Fire ModesIncreased Headshot DamageReduced Projectile Spread

Apex Legends attachments: Optics

While aiming down your weapon sights you can attach an optics scope, Kings Canyon holds plenty if you look hard enough.

Optic(All Weapons) 1x HCOG (Classic) - Close range optic.(All Weapons) 2x HCOG (Bruiser) - Close range optic.(All Weapons) 3x HCOG (Ranger) - Mid-range optic.(Shotgun) SMGs, Pistols: Digital Threat - Close range optic with threat highlighting when aimed at.
Optic(All Weapons) 1x Holo - Close range optic.(All Weapon) 1x-2x Variable Holo - Close range optic with variable zoom.(Sniper) LMGs, ARs, SMGs: 2x-4x Variable AOG - Mid-rang optic with variable zoom.(Sniper) 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat - Sniper optic with threat highlighting and digital zoom.
OpticN/AN/A(Sniper) 4x-8x Variable Sniper - Sniper optic with multiple zoom levels.N/A
OpticN/AN/A(Sniper) 6x Sniper - Basic Sniper scopeN/A

Apex Legends: Backpacks

Yeah yeah, backpacks don’t fit on the end of a weapon so they’re not attachments – we get it. Backpacks are however an upgrade to your gear that you won’t want to miss, as they allow your total inventory to expand significantly.

Backpacks+2 Additional Inventory Slots +4 Additional Inventory Slots +6 Additional Inventory Slots - 6 Total Inventory Slots
- Health and Shield consumables take half the time to use.
If you’re looking for something other than attachments info, why not check out our Apex legends guide?
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