GTA Online casino update WILL see opening of Vinewood luxury casino


For the veteran players out there, the GTA Online casino will need no introduction – for the newer players said casino has never been open so we can only dream of having a spin on the desired roulette tables. Most of the buildings in GTA Online allow players entry freely, however the casino has denied entry to anyone regardless of how much stolen cash they have in their wallets. Fortunately the GTA Online casino update is about to change that.

Until now the GTA Online casino update to open the doors of a luxury casino was speculation. A GTA Online specialised dataminer by the alias of TezFunz2 dug deep into the games files to unearth some information that led to belief that the GTA Online luxury casino would open its doors to the in-game gamblers in the coming months. The information that that had been uncovered within the datamine showed that the outside of the casino was set to be amended, and the opening of the doors would follows to allow players to enter and splash some cash.

The tweet below and its replies showed us that these alterations had already begun taking effect, and that the inside of the casino could already be seen.

What’s interesting with the speculated GTA Online casino update is that the news emerged around the same time as Red Dead Online begun introducing gambling. Considering the game has microtransactions this was frowned upon by many, due to the fact that using Red Dead Online gambling features required the use of Dollars – while real-life currency is required to purchase Gold Bars. In order for Rockstar to avoid a real outcry from players, an additional currency that cannot be purchased with real-life funds would need to be integrated, which at the time of writing hasn’t happened. The GTA Online casino update of course will be Rockstar’s real cash earner for now, so it’s likely they were seeing how the gambling environment went in red Dead Online before they introduced it to GTA Online.

GTA Online casino update – here’s the latest

Following on from the above datamine discovery, and with E3 2019 now out of the way, the GTA Online casino update confirmed by Rockstar will see Vinewood Luxury casino opening its doors to all – with a little teaser which came in the form of a tweet below.

As you can see from the GTA Online casino update¬† teaser there’s no date confirmed as to when the doors will officially open, but it’d certainly be a good time to start stacking those notes ahead of the launch of GTA Online’s luxury casino. There’ll likely be everything from slots, to roulette and blackjack (we hope), and you can bet there’ll be an area reserved for the high rollers.

Whether the same scenario as Red Dead Online occurs to see an additional currency added will have to wait, but we’ll update you as soon as there’s more news on the GTA Online casino update

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