Harry Potter Wizards Unite release date UK – Hogwarts Express incoming!


As we saw during E3 2019 and in the days that have followed, the mobile gaming race has been in full swing with game like Gears Pop and Dr. Mario World being announced as coming soon. Now though we’ve been given the Harry Potter Wizards Unite release date UK, and the great news is we’ve only got a couple of days to wait!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite release date UK

The Harry Potter Wizards Unite release date UK sprung out of nowhere, as up until recently there was no info around on a release date for Hogwarts new mobile game. June 21st is the date that both witches and wizards will be able to leave the muggle world, and truly make use of that Stupefy spell. The Harry Potter Wizards Unite release date UK was only revealed today in Hollywood, specifically the Harry Potter World in the Universal Park. With that confirmed, it means we’ll be waiting at platform 9 and 3/4 sooner than we’d thought.

Even if you never played Pokemon Go you’ll surely of heard about it, being that it was and is still one of the most played mobile games in the last few years – The good news is the same team that made the game Niantic are behind Wizards unite.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – how it’ll work

Much like Pokemon Go had a GPS focus to find Pokemon, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is set in the Harry Potter realm where players are tasked with taking down Dementors and other creatures for a start. Witches and Wizards can make use of Portkeys where AR is used to show you parts of the realm such as Ollivander’s Wand Shop we know from the books and movies.

When the Harry Potter Wizards Unite release date UK arrives, players will focus on much more than taking down the evil forces of the wizarding world. A strange magical event known as the Calamity will be your focus, and to find out just what happened by putting clues together using items you find along your way. Similar to how certain Pokemon appeared at night, some potions and ingredients within Wizards Unite will only appear during certain weather etc.

Check out the trailer below which shows just what you can look forward to.

Get ready for the Harry Potter Wizards Unite release date UK in a couple of days, where you’ll be able to download the game for iOS and Android. More info is available on the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite website – but until then raise your glass with a nice Butter Beer!

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