Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay trailer at E3 shows Gooigi is making a return

A brand new Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay trailer emerged during E3 2019, specifically during the Nintendo E3 2019 conference, which looks to take the game back to what we’ve loved about the first game. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark moon was good, but the original GameCube game really kicked the franchise off which was hard to stack up against, but this third instalment takes us to a single, ghost-infested location which will please fans of the franchise.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay trailer – Gooigi looks pretty fun

As you can see from the trailer Luigi has learned some pretty nifty skills, which will be perfect for when ghosts are now able to gang up on Luigi simultaneously . One skill we saw in the Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay trailer though was the familiar skill allowing Luigi to transform into Gooigi, and when he deploys his gooey friend Luigi’s body appears to be slightly absent and limp while in use. It’s almost as if his spirit leaves his shell and swaps to Gooigi, sort of? This is great for use in single mode but co-op mode will see players taking control of both Luigi and Gooigi to allow for teaming up against tough ghost battles.


Beware of the water! As shown in the Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay trailer ”Gooigi and water definitely don’t mix”, so in other words slime plus water will equate to Gooigi fading and being returned to his Luigi state – confused yet!?

Although no release date is detailed in the Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay trailer, we’re apparently set to see the game launch later this year so that means Christmas Day could be a day spent sucking up ghosts!

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