New Standalone Sea of Thieves PVP Mode (The Arena) Revealed By Rare

sea of thieves pvp

Sea of thieves PVP mode reveal

During the weekend’s X018 event Rare decided to unveil their ”Big news” which was a new standalone mode for their ship-bound pirate title Sea of thieves. A new standalone Sea of thieves PVP mode which is said to be pretty ”fast paced” will be hitting both Xbox One and PC early next year.

As a Sea Of thieves player I’m all too familiar with encountering other pirates, often more foe than friends who want to sink your boat and steal your hard-earned treasure. Looks as though we’re now going to be getting a condensed version of the full game mode which aims to increase these pvp encounters – Joe Neat Exec Producer says. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing of course is down to you, personally I need to brush up on my sword fighting skills anyway. Rare says that the new Sea of Thieves PVP mode will ensure you go head to head with other crews inĀ “a fun, frenetic and action-packed race to find treasure”.

The new mode known as The arena sets the scene firstly by having a main goal of tracking down treasure to begin with, and as the mode develops this is set to change. The new Sea of Thieves PVP mode is set to introduce a new (hopefully not replace) Tavern with the addition of s new Sea Dogs Trading faction. Rare states the new trading company will feature new quests and rewards, and additional possibilities of advancing to Pirate legend status.

Two sides of the doubloon

Players who are quite heavily confident with a pirate versus pirate encounter will surely welcome the mode if they’re not so keen on just sitting back and sailing the seas for treasure. On the other hand, those who thrive in these encounters could mean they jump straight over to the new Sea of Thieves pvp mode leaving the main adventure mode of pve players which would completely crumble that current balance of players. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen as it’d destroy the main game.

According to Rare they currently have a test version that they’re working with in their studio right now and aim to get a release out o their pioneer testers asap, it’s hoped that the release comes early 2019 although there’s no solid release date just yet.

Before the new Sea of Thieves pvp mode releases though Rare will launch their fourth free DLC addition named Shrouded Spoils. The update launching this month is set to cover the world in thick fog among other new features for PC and Xbox one players.

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