Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review

From the moment we saw Luigi’s Mansion 3 showcased during E3 2019 it was clear that the third entry to the series was set to bring us something we hadn’t seen before. Having been a latecomer to Switch I only recently polished off the game, so thought it’d be a great idea to compile a Luigi’s Mansion 3 review.

Back when the original Luigi’s Mansion title landed on the Nintendo GameCube, it was one of those games that, after finishing, you’d be ready to see more. Following the events of the first game, Luigi’s Mansion 2 was born, and I must confess I never got around to playing that one, but it’s evident it followed the same footsteps of being set in a haunted house. It worked, so why change it? Well, in my opinion, Nintendo timed things just right for Luigi’s Mansion 3 to switch from a haunted house to a much more imaginative haunted hotel called The Last resort Hotel.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 review: what’s the plot?


Luigi, along with his friends Mario, Princess Peach, Toad and his friends have received VIP invitations to vacation at The picturesque Last Resort Hotel. The gang arrive on a bus along with Luigi’s pet ghost dog, and from the moment Luigi checks in at reception weird things start to happen. The ghostly owner of the hotel comes across as rather welcoming, a little over the top if you ask me, and the guests settle into their room for the night. If you’ve already played the previous games, you’ll have an idea of what happens next, without spoiling too much let’s say Luigi ends up on his own to figure things out.

As with the previous titles in the series, Professor E. Gadd makes an appearance along with an upgraded version of the Poltergust vacuum to suck up ghosts. One welcome addition to the series, however, is the ability to make use of Luigi’s slimy friend Gooigi. Gooigi lets players enjoy the game in co-op mode, although you don’t get the ability to use Gooigi from the start and he’ll need to be unlocked further into the game.

As this is a hotel you’ll need to use an elevator to travel between floors, the only problem is that someone has stolen all of the elevator buttons. Other than saving ‘others’ this is the pinnacle of the game, and you need to clear each of the floors successfully by various means to obtain each of the elevator buttons before moving onto the next.

More about Gooigi


If like me, you hadn’t heard of Gooigi before then you’re probably wondering what he can do and why we’ve given him some limelight in our Luigi’s Mansion 3 review. To begin with, even if you play the game, solo Gooigi is needed to complete various puzzles to progress through the story. Let’s say it could involve using Gooigi as bait for a massive dinosaur while Luigi works on taking him down or perhaps using Gooigi to vacuum a water valve while Luigi does the one next to it.

Gooigi does not like water, get him wet and he’ll evaporate. If playing solo, Gooigi and Luigi cannot be used at the same time, so you’ll use Gooigi while Luigi slumps over and sleeps until you switch back to him.

Luigi’s mansion 3 review: the boss battles are epic


It has to be said that the boss battles in Luigi’s Mansion 3 are fantastic, they are well thought out, and some of them are genuinely quite challenging to get the ghosts into the bag. One example is taking down a gardening ghost with a piranha plant by using a chainsaw (I said they were epic). As you begin playing the game, you’ll soon realise who the biggest enemy is, let’s say it’s a familiar baddy!

As you collect coins, gold bars and generally any money in the game you’ll come to a point where you unlock the item shop. One of the handiest items you can buy in the shop is the gold bone. I’d advise anyone to keep a stock of these before going into any boss battle. Mostly they’re like a lifeline, so if you get downed by a boss your trusty ghost dog will bring you back to life. You can carry a maximum of three.

Fancy battling your friends?


In our Luigi’s Mansion review, I’ve mentioned the ability to play alongside a friend, but how about going up against them? Multiplayer mode offers some great mini-games to get a load of your mates together to battle it out for the win. My favourites are the ghost hunting mini-game, this is where waves of ghosts appear in a cemetery, and you’ve got to try and rack up the most points by sucking up ghosts. The other is the floaties challenge, where you float around a swimming pool, avoiding mines to collect the most coins. One your floatie pops though you lose all your coins and have to reinflate your floatie!

Overall, I think this game is fantastic and deserves the perfect Luigi’s Mansion 3 review score. The story is excellent, the gameplay is fun, and the puzzles are extremely well thought out and challenging. If you’re yet to play this, you’re in for a great time.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is available to buy on Amazon.

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