PlayLink Knowledge Is Power PS4 Review – How’re Your Trivia Moves?

With PlayLink Knowledge Is Power being free on PlayStation Plus this month I thought it’d be a great opportunity for me to take one of the monthly free games for a test spin, and boy I’m glad I did.

You invite friends over, the drinks and pizza flow freely and you think about what could really get the party started. Rather than playing the usual games of I have never, cards against humanity or spin the bottle I thought it’d be a chance to bust out the PS4 with a PlayLink title; PlayLink Knowledge Is power. I mean everyone has a smart phone right? And if not then there’s always a couple of iPads or Android tablets floating about somewhere!

Even the girls joined in!

Okay so Hidden Agenda wasn’t a complete hit for the girls which I guess I can get my head around. That’s You! was a hit but there’s only so many selfies you can take and draw pictures of genitals on friend’s heads for a laugh. PlayLink Knowledge Is Power was next up and I must say it was something everyone could get their teeth into.

Playlink Knowledge Is Power – The aim of the game

So you start off downloading the Knowledge Is Power companion app on your smart device, hook up to wifi, start up the game and boom you’re away.

Next thing is to choose a character, an inappropriate name, and then snap a selfie – which I must say looks awesome as it fits the face of your chosen avatar.

First up you are presented with doors with different categories, and depending on what you know best would be the appropriate option here. There were four of us playing so the door with the majority votes wins. You can also use a power move (which you won’t get many of) to take charge and everyone then has to do what you want to choose.

As if the questions weren’t hard enough…

To make things a little harder you’ll each get to choose a type of forfeit that makes all of your questions more difficult.By this I mean prior to the questions appearing you canb choose from things like bombs, slime or ice and then select which of your beloved friends will feel the effects. Ice for example will cover the answers until you physically tap to break the ice, where slime will cover your screen and will need wiping away. You get the idea.

Without being obvious, the player or player(s) who get the answer correct will get points.

Rounds to mix it up

Aside from answering category after category of questions players will also enjoy modes like link games. By link I mean you’ll be given words or phrases one after the other and you’ll need to link the word or phrase to what matches, Alan Sugar to The apprentice for example.

The climb of your life (Spoiler warning)

Once you’ve endured enough chaos of the questions you’ll come to the final round which will involve you climbing a pyramid. It’s essentially fastest finger first like the Weakest Link. The player with the most point throughout the game will have a head start higher up the pyramid, but other players can overtake them if they answer questions faster. Of course you’ll also be able to use the waves of generous slime, ice and bombs and gang up on the players in front to make their life that bit harder!

Overall though, Playlink Knowledge Is Power is really good fun, and one of the best PlayLink games that Wish Studios have released so far.


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