Pokemon Let’s Go Review – A Remastered Nostalgic Masterpiece

As someone old enough to remember playing the original three Pokemon games for Game Boy back in the nineties, it’s super refreshing to see a remaster that looks as though it was built from the ground up. Although our Pokemon Let’s Go review is based on the Pikachu edition, there is very little difference to that of the Eevee version.

Even though the games are remasters of Pokemon Red, Blue and yellow, the core story remains the same with a decent amount of new editions which is great to see.

Team Rocket

Anyone who follows Pokemon will know who Team Rocket are, and much like the original titles they need a mention in our Pokemon Let’s Go review as they now resemble Jessie, James and Meowth – this couldn’t be said for the nineties versions.

Starter Pokemon

As you’ll have guessed, depending on which version you choose will depend on which Pokemon you begin with. You’ll get either Pikachu or Eevee to begin with, much like you’d choose Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur originally.

One slight snag with your starters is that you can’t evolve them, I tried a Thunder Stone on my Pikachu and it wouldn’t allow me to use it. The good news is you’ll be able to catch either starter in the wild and evolve that one as you wish.

The other great aspect is that you don’t miss out on getting the starters you knew and love, with NPCs in game that’ll hand over a Charmander simply for you catching a certain number of Pokemon.

The graphics are amazing

When you compare the detail of the monsters (as they’re often referred to) in Let’s Go to those of the nineties, the artwork is unreal. Not only do they appear in full and vibrant 3D colours in battle, but they also look awesome when they appear in the wild. A Venasaur looks pretty cool following you round as your buddy!

Catching Pokemon

Instead of just walking through grass and waiting for a Pokemon to appear, you’ll see the physical monster spawn and then have a choice to run into or not.

The developers at Nintendo have really utilised the capabilities of the Switch console. If you have the Joy Cons detached from the console you will physically have to aim towards the TV (or console) and flick the control to attempt a successful catch.

Evolution is also much fairer in that you may catch a Pidgey at a low level, but rather than struggle to level it up you’ve got the possibility of Encountering a Pidgeotto shortly after.

Levelling Up

This seemed important to include in our Pokemon Let’s Go review as this could often prove a nuisance in older games. You had to have a Pokemon physically appear in a battle for them to gain any experience, now though your lead Pokemon will get the most XP with a portion distributed throughout your party.

Storing Pokemon in a PC is no more

Remember each time your party filled up any Pokemon you caught would be transferred to your PC? This is a thing of the past. Now when you party is full, Pokemon are transferred in your Box – but you have access to this wherever you are. This is great as it means before a battle you can switch your team around to have the best chance of winning.

You can also transfer unwanted Pokemon to Professor Oak in return for some kind of reward. This is handy when you catch an evolved Pokemon state and no longer want/need the original. Transferring a Nidoran (male) when you already have a Nidoking for example.

Safari Park is now the Go Park

Unless you’ve been living under a large rock you’ll at least know what Pokemon Go is. If not, well Google is your freind. For those who remember the Safari Park from the Red/Blue this has been replaced with the Go Park. As the name hints this park is dedicated for those who wish to transfer their Pokemon from Go into let’s Go. We won’t go into that in our Pokemon Let’s Go review but we have a dedicated Pokemon Go to let’s Go guide already.

Pokemon Let’s Go Review – better than the original games?

I wouldn’t be writing a Pokemon Let’s Go review if it wasn’t for the likes of Red/Blue Yellow, and I don’t think Pokemon would be what it is today if they hadn’t been released. It’s really refreshing to see this game finally being remade with a Kanto region focus and the original 151 Pokedex, with the most impressive aspects surrounding the graphics for me.

Overall, really enjoying every minute of this, concluding my Pokemon Let’s Go review – although I’d love to hear what you think of it too.

Highly Recommended
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