Super Lucky’s Tale Review Xbox One X

Super lucky’s Tale – Fun, Refreshing, Familiar

When I thought about writing this review and the type of games I could compare this to, I honestly struggle. If I had to choose however, I guess I’d say it’s a cross between super Mario Sunshine and Banjo Kazooey – although many would argue that’s a completely wrong comparison.

There’s something refreshing about this one
Most games today, at least the games I play such as Shadow of War or Assassin’s Creed which are so large with their open world, it’s easy to forget about the games that have us progressing stage by stage, much like we used to enjoy in games like Donkey Kong Country.

Super Lucky’s Tale uses that same stage by stage concept and really mixes it up, it uses an open world approach, side-scrolling gameplay, and even throws in a range of puzzles to decipher.

It’s genuinely a breath of fresh air to sit back and play a game that allows you to hop from level to level, not that I’m condemning the bigger open world games of course!

Clovers are not just for leprechauns

In the world of Lucky (or one of the four worlds at least) there are a varied amount of levels scattered throughout in which players will need to complete in order to get their hands on one of the 99 clovers scattered throughout the game.

Aside from getting a clover for finishing a level successfully, players will need to complete some additional tasks to earn the rest of the clovers available to collect.


Although it might sound like a cliché to progress in Super Lucky’s Tale you will need to collect his name, that is, hidden throughout each level will be individual gold letters which will result in making up all the letters required to receive your next clover.

Coin collecting

It’s not immediately clear until you’ve completed a few levels as to what this one actually means – mainly because the greyed out collectable symbol is a paw print which oddly doesn’t have any resemblance to coin collecting.

Once you get the idea though the goal is to collect as many coins as you can throughout a level (usually around 300) by obtaining free-flowing coins, coins from enemies, and large blue gems which are worth 50 coins each. Once you hit your quota, lucky will be rewarded with another clover.

Secret clovers

The beauty of collecting clovers is that you can obtain them in whatever order you wish, try and get your hands on them on your first play through or do what I did and go back for the ones you’ve missed (the first option probably makes more sense!).

Secret clovers are as the name suggests they’re ‘secret’, there’ll be a few different methods players will need to undertake in order to collect these ones, from defeating giant killer plants to rushing to collect time sensitive coins.

Puzzles to keep your brain ticking

If you think the challenge stops at simply completing levels and collecting clovers, then you’re in for a nice surprise.

Scattered across the open world outside of the main levels are fox holes which will glow purple when you are able to jump down them. One of the challenges players will face is the fox holes available near the very beginning of the games, which will require Lucky to move fox and owl statues into a particular sequence in order to collect the clover given for that area.

There are also giant pinball type challenges which rely more on skill than logic, but these are pretty achievable with a few tries.

Either way, the above are a great addition to the game offering something a little different, and at the point of writing this I’ve been able to solve each of the challenges within a decent amount of time – go me!

Star struck Rating

I’ve seen a mixed bag of reviews regarding Super Lucky’s Tale, but in my unbiased opinion I have genuinely enjoyed playing this game.

It may not be the longest game, but for the price tag, the gameplay offered, and the doable achievement list, not forgetting being Xbox One x enhanced, I’m giving this a solid 8.5/10.

  • A break from more serious games, looks great in 4K
  • Story could be longer
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