The Lost Bear PSVR Review

If stepping your way through the woods filled with buzzing bees in honey trees, staying out of the way of beasts lurking in the shadows, and doing all of this from the comfort of an armchair (put the VR headset on and you’ll see what I mean) – then this cinematic VR platformer may just be for you.

The Lost Bear certainly provides the feeling of watching a cinema screen and actually taking control of the action through the movie, or at least that’s how I’d describe it.

Immersing the player in VR, straight away

As soon as you hit that X button to start the game you are immersed in a whimsical VR world that really allows players to look around and feel involved. I genuinely believed I was a part of the game, and without too many spoilers you’ll start the first chapter in a woodland scene where you’ll see bees buzzing around and flutters falling gently in front of your eyes.

I must admit, when I initially sat down to play The Lost Bear and held the PS controller I was expecting the usual first person gameplay type, and got a pleasant surprise when my task was to control what I saw in the cinema type stage in front of me.

Interactive environments that suck you in

From vibrant and colourful woodlands to climbing the remains of scrapped cars, the artist certainly had the viewers in mind when designing the various stages of this game.

As you’d expect with any VR game players are able to look around in full 360 style, and as you progress through the game the environment around you changes to suit the play area of that particular chapter.

 Making the most of PSVR capabilities

When a game offers something a little different to what you’re used to, it’s a great feeling to get a surprise feature – I feel it’s the little gimmicks that count.

The Lost Bear uses the PS controller’s motion detection to aim a slingshot with a crosshair, players are then able to fire the slingshot at things like bee’s nests and other objects that would otherwise be unreachable. You’ll need to use the slingshot to bring down ropes from above to help you get further in each chapter.

Another quirky gimmick that’s utilised right in the first chapter is when you approach a drawbridge which of course you need to bring down to pass. An on-screen prompt will appear (Using Square) which will spring a control panel up right in front of you, you’ll need to place the controller in the mechanism and then rotate the controller to lower the bridge.

Puzzles that’ll keep you wanting to play

Aside from the look and feel of this great VR game, it’s obviously important that you’ll get some decent time playing the game – I mean who wouldn’t want that!?

Although there are many aspects of the game that are fairly straightforward, I hold my hands up that there were a generous amount of puzzling aspects to figure out, and I couldn’t stop myself playing without figuring out how to progress.

One example was getting past a beast whose only objective is to eat you alive, thinking about how to distract and get past him while you figure out your next move – of course I’ll let you figure that one out!

Star Struck Rating

Overall I can honestly say I enjoyed every aspect of this game, ok I died a few times figuring out how to get across different platforms – but that’s just the fun of it right!?Star Struck Rating 9.0

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