Tusker Commodore 64 Review – A Puzzler Ahead Of Its Time

So here we are Star Struck fans we have catapulted ourselves back to 1989 with the use of a delorean and the editors plutonium powered underpants to look at a time when system 3 developers took a break from the amazing Last ninja series to give us an adventure that could give Indiana Jones a run for his money….you are The Tusker. This is our Tusker Commodore 64 review.

You as the Tusker are on the search for the said to be mythical Elephants graveyard, set in Africa you will need your wits to survive as you search for clues and keys to survive the puzzles that lay before you Including a basic survival of needing water which requires you to stab a cactus and fill your tankard as you travel through deserts, jungles, swamps and tribal villages.

   Taking a game to new heights

The game takes you to many different areas with a array of bad guys from fearsome tribesman who attack on site or pop up from bushes in the foreground to shoot their poison darts at you to sword wielding desert people who can behead you with a single swipe.

To help you overcome these enemies you are armed with your trusty pistol and knife you can also punch and kick and watch them collapse in to a pile of bones. You will also have to deal with the monsters that you come across, from monsters that are said not to exist from swamp monsters, zombies and giant chained up half human caterpillars that just want to be freed to Dinosaurs 75 million years out of time.

Graphics ahead of its time

Graphically the game is very good for the 1989 release date with good use of controls and movement although the music on loop can get a bit repetitive. The commodore Amiga version was you would expect benefited from superior graphics and sound with added monsters, perils and content that the poor C64 just couldn’t handle.

You will find this game as a free or very cheap download if you have a browse around the internet and if you enjoy your retro gaming you will not be disappointed. I believe System 3 could have made ever growing and more advanced sequels to this game but alas they never happened even though Zzap sizzler gave it a 90% score.

Tusker Commodore 64 review – what a game

So there you go Starstruck fans another game from the past that still holds it ground today for retro lovers and was in a era where the most expensive game was £10.99, so go experience one of the best adventures on the commodore as we make our way back to 2018 with our new copies of Madonna like a prayer and Michael Keaton’s Batman and we shall be back with more retro reviews soon. Hope you enjoyed our Tusker Commodore 64 review!


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