Two Point Hospital Review – Theme Hospital Just Got Brought Back To Life

If you were fortunate enough to be a PC gamer in the days where Theme Hospital played seamlessly on your PC, then Two point Hospital will certainly rekindle a nostalgic flame. Our Two Point Hospital review shows that the game we once knew and loved has been given a fresh new lick of paint, offering some insane new features while maintaining the concept of the original smash-hit title.

Illnesses, reinvented

I have to be honest, its been a while since I’ve chuckled to myself aloud with some of the more serious games that are hitting PC and consoles right now, but some of the illnesses in Two Point Hospital genuinely appealed to my witty humour.

You go along treating your patients one by one, each (hopefully) being treated successfully when a funny looking guy wanders into your hospital. What’s that? A light bulb for a head!? I zoomed in and on gaining more details found the condition is known as ‘Lightheadedness” – simply brilliant.

I know that on the build up to release there were some calls on Twitters from the devs for people to suggest illnesses and conditions to be used i game. This was great as what better audience to get feedback from than that of the people playing the games?

Buying plots

A new feature in Two point Hospital that was unavailable in the original Bullfrog title is the ability to buy extra hospital space. I mean who wants to be given a tiny hospita, fill it with rooms and be unable to add new facilities as they become available? You’ll of course have to fork out a hefty load of cash to buy the new plot

– land doesn’t come cheap. True to life I guess…

As you progress by levelling up through treating patients and gaining more revenue you’ll have the opportunity to build up another hospital. In the shjot below ”Lower Bullocks” is actually a smaller hospital that is reliant on you having a good psychiatric treatment facility for a few… odd patients.

Gender equality

In the original Theme Hospital many may not have noticed but if we were to select a nurse they’d only be women, janitors would be men, and receptionists would be women – you get the picture. In Two point Hospital they’ve made it so that men and women can be hired for any of the roles – good work guys!

Side missions

While you focus on your main objectives every so often you may receive a prompt from one of your staff suggesting you take on some further responsibility. You can choose to accept or decline these with the rewards being varied depending on the task.

Who you gonna call?

Remember what happens when a patient dies in the classic hospital game? The Grim Reaper turns up and takes them to the gates of heaven or hell. A highlight of our Two Point Hospital review is that when a patient dies they come back as a ghost, and the only way to get rid of them is to employ a janitor with a ghost extermination trait – yep they use a vacuum like in Ghost Busters.

Points mean prizes

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing you’re doing well building up your hospital rep, but in Two Point Hospital you’ll also win awards for a variety of traits that you possess over other competitor hospitals.

And of course, health inspector visits…

No hospital build would be complete without a visit from a nit-picking health inspector now would it? When writing our Two Point Hospital review I was fortunate enough to be paid a visit. Fortunately he overlooked the ghost looming the building and gave us a pass.

To conclude our Two Point Hospital review

Overall I think this game is great, much more than a remaster as there’s so many new features than there was in the original game. My Two Point hospital isn’t based on something from the original though, it’s directed towards Two point Hospital being something shiny and new – which in my opinion this really is.

It blew my mind earlier when one of my patients were being treated in the pharmacy by one of my best nurses. I thought i’d zoom in for a closer look, to which the patient responded with some… hand gestures. Umm, get well soon?

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