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Watchdogs Legion gameplay trailer and release date unveiled at Ubi E3

Aside from the recent leak that saw Amazon listing the game on its website by accident, we then saw a Watchdogs Legion 10 second teaser, but now we’ve been given a fully fledged Watchdogs Legion...[Read More]

watch dogs legion teaser

Watch Dogs Legion teaser emerges by Ubisoft

Following several leaks such as the accidental discovery of a Watch Dogs Legion Amazon product listing, Ubisoft have now dropped a Watch Dogs Legion teaser to confirm the game is legit. The game, set ...[Read More]


Watch Dogs 3 London setting confirmed

Ubisoft, we feel your pain. You kept things quiet for so long and had we not heard the recent news you’d of made it to E3 2019 without revealing the name of a rumoured Watch Dogs 3 London settin...[Read More]