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3 months Game Pass Ultimate & an Xbox controller under £40!

3 months game pass ultimate & an Xbox controller under £40!

You’re probably here because your Xbox Game Pass £1 trial has expired, or you’re just dipping your toes into Game Pass. Either way, you can currently grab 3 months Game Pass Ultimate & an Xbox controller for under £40 on Amazon.

3 months Game Pass Ultimate, but why?

If you’re new to Xbox One (or PC for that matter) then you might have heard about the various Game Pass options available from Microsoft. In short, Game Pass provides a growing library of games for subscribers of the service, allowing players to download the games in the Game Pass library and play them free while they are still subscribers. Game Pass Ultimate, on the other hand, gives subscribers the opportunity to play the games on their Xbox AND PC, as well as giving access to the enhanced edition of games such as Gears 5 Ultimate Edition. If you’re already a subscriber and your £1 trial has ended then the deal on Amazon is pretty epic as it gives you a shiny new controller bundled with 3 months Game Pass Ultimate for less than £40 at £37.48.

At the time of writing, Amazon only has the black wireless controller in stock as the other designs have already been swept up. That’s proof in itself that you’ll need to be quick to scoop this one up.

Xbox One controller and 3 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | £37.48 from Amazon
Grab a shiny new controller and gain access to a growing library of over 100 games with Xbox game Pass Ultimate.

You can get your hands on some awesome releases with Game Pass, and it offers a massive saving with the fact that you’re essentially getting it free with a controller. Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, The Outer Worlds, Ori and the Blind Forest are just some of the recent games that have been added to the library. There’s also a great selection of backward-compatible titles too, which will save you a generous amount of money shelling out for the games individually.

If you have an array of Xbox one controllers already there is always someone that could use one, so you could stock up on Game Pass Ultimate and give the gift of a controller. This is definitely one that’s soon to sell out fast.

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